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Not exactly secret.

Secret Nazi (aka. OMG, Secret Nazi XYZ!!) is a hilarious meme from the depths of YTMND. It usually involves something resembling a swastika, Nazi Salute, or other Nazi-like behavior accompanied by the lovely music of Blümchen. The meme started out fairly innocently, but it shared the same fate as every other YTMND fad and was overused to death.

OMG, Secret Origins!!

The pic that started it all...

The meme started when YTMND user wtfuxz posted a site about a forest in Germany. The forest had a plot of larch trees among many evergreens. When fall came, the larch trees changed color before the evergreens, revealing a certain symbol for a few weeks. This went unnoticed for 70 years before it was cut down.

OMG, Secret Nazi Gallery!!

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