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The Secret Crush Meme was an online quiz produced by a company named Anonymous Consulting sometime in mid-2003. If you entered your LiveJournal username and indicated which of your fellow users you had a crush on, the quiz would provide you with a chart showing who on your friends list had a crush on you, as well as what "kind" of crush they had (public, secret or ex). Obviously, the quiz was designed to harvest crushes between LiveJournal users (hence the huge disclaimer).

Sometime in October 2003, a new quiz, called Secret Crush Meme 2: The Revenge of Secret Crush Meme was released, which showed users how many crushes other users had on them, as well as what kind. Not that big a deal right? Well, there was a catch. For four dollars, the company would sell you a list of users who had secret crushes on you. OH NOES CLOWNING OF MEMESHEEP! This created lots of drama between couples who listed other users as crushes, people getting ex-crushes when they felt they should have gotten public crushes, and a bunch of ethics debating.

The system was later cloned by, but it wasn't as dramariffic as the original.

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