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SelauraNetherfield is a totally original Canadian deviantARTlet who is convinced that following in Dolphy's footsteps is a good idea. She is one of the many 16 year old girls who have a hard on for a 15 year old cartoon character. Just like her favorite artist, SelauraNetherfield has a retarded fan following of people who suck worst than she does and thinks that her self insert is the coolest OC ever kawai desu ne!!???1111 But don't call her out on her copying ways or she'll throw a Canada sized bitch fit, kidnap you and make you listen to River Dance until you vomit your brain meat.

Other than being completely boring and uninteresting (such is the curse of all Canadians) SelauraN spends her time playing the violin (badly), fucking her little brother and fawning over Jim from Treasure Planet. Though a relatively new tartlet, SelauraN is gearing up to be the next big thing. Which will be easy seeing how she spends all day on Devart. Go ahead, make a comment on one of her pics, she'll respond within ten minutes.

Her 'Art'

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She doesn't trace

She just references and takes ideas, honest!

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The Brother

SelauraNetherfield is also into incest. Her little brother, Bob who appears in most of her shit art seems to be the center and most interesting part of her wasted existence. But it turns out he's boring too and just an annoying little ass hole. But then again if your sister drew you this bad you'd be a dick too. Where is Michel Jackson when you need him?

She Writes

Badly. Be warned, this will cause diarrhea:


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