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Sexism is the infamous twin of Racism. Unlike Racism, where you lynch a black person just for being a black person, sexism is where you talk shit about someone because they have boobs. Women usually scream this word out of butthurt whenever they don't get assigned a man's job. Women can also be sexist, but only some men freak out on very rare situations because everyone knows that a man is always a better choice over a woman.

Only ugly bitches are against it.
Even aliens know how to treat a lady

Sexist things only men do

  • Look at members of the opposite sex
  • Talk about sex with their friends
  • Talk shit about the opposite sex
  • Want to have sex with the opposite sex
  • Judge someone by their sex
  • Argue
  • Fight
  • Physically abuse their partner
  • Rape
This isn't a sexist depiction of men at all

The above list is of things ONLY MEN DO, and anybody who argues otherwise is OMG SEXIST EVIL PATRIARCHY MAN PROBABLY RAPIST PIG

Things women have that men don't

  • Intelligence, women are smarter than men; they typically don't go on the internet
  • Emotional maturity, men always get emotional, and women don't
  • Common Sense, only men get worked up over something trivial
  • Periods, because men are superior

Women are better than men, it is an established fact. It is proven in this completely objective and unbiased website.

The perfect woman.jpg

People Who Are Sexist

People Who Are Not Sexist

  • Women (except the N.O.W.)
  • Liberals (LOLZ)
  • BitingBeaver is not sexist at all. Not one bit. But if you click on this link, you have just raped a poor defenseless womyn and are a member of the Patriarchy

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