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Sgt. Slaughter (IRL name Robert Remus) is a true American hero. Due to the death of Captain America, Slaughter is a noteworthy badass wrestler because not only is he a lover of drama, but more importantly, he is the only wrestler to get major positive mainstream attention in the 80s, during the height of Hulkamania (not even Ric Flair could do this). Slaughter was later made into a G.I. Joe, which was later recalled from stores after repeated instances of children losing eyes over the overly pointy crotch of the figure.

In 1991 the Sarge effectively trolled the fuck out of the Americunts during the 1991 Persianl Gulf war by pretending to be an Iranian sympathizer.

In a related story, the G.I. Joe commercial holds evidence that Sgt. Slaughter is extremely well educated, and an immaculate, well annunciating speaker.

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