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Shadowfox in his murry purry fursuit!
Shadowfox SMASH!!!!
Shadowfox is a rapist
Tacos are sexy
This is what you'll look like if you do drugs
Shadowfox enjoys many recreational activities.

Shadowfox, also known as Failfox, Eightbitfox, ShikiKit, KitStar, or by his real name Justin Ray Smith, is the ultimate in fur faggotry and butthurt for many people in Texas, USA. He often seduces young cub furs on the internet into moving hundreds of miles to his home where they have no money or friends so he may abuse them both physically and mentally until they decide that living on the streets is a much safer option than living with a dirty fucktard. He and his family will both use blackmail and physical threats to keep his victims silent so they can keep his social security check safe, allowing him to continue his spree of terror on unwitting furries.

Shit Stain

Apart from being the ideal fur fag and certified asshat, Shadowfox is a constant lier and overall bastard. He will lie from anything form the size of his own cock to how he doesn't beat up on his boyfriends. He also considers himself a l33t haxtor, in which he installs key loggers on his room mates computers so he can steal their passwords and accounts.

This cum stain refuses to clean up after or take care of his pet cats, one of his cats will even attack him, while the other will run and hide at his mere presence. The constant smell of cat shit actually improves the smell of his apartment since he will not bathe.

Aggravated Assault

Shadowfox was dumped by one of his victims when they found someone who wasn't a complete retard. This led to much butthurt on Shadowfox's part, he is supposed to be the one who causes butthurt. This led him to do the only sensible thing a person can do in such a situation. He picked up a shower curtain rod, shouted "power poll extend," and proceeded to beat this new guy in the skull until he didn't move anymore. This led to a trip to the emergency room for this new guy and a trip to the jail for Shadowfox. While he was in prison, it is rumored that he got plenty of sex and contracted no more than 99 diseases.

In his own defense, he claimed that he was suffering from a massive seizure which caused the Dark Lord Xenu to take control of his body.

The State of Texas dropped the case after the victim dropped the charges. They gave in to the threatening phone calls and harassment from Shadowfox and his equally psychotic mom.


Shadowfox had been "permanently" banned from all furry events in the state of Texas. His constant knack for starting shit, picking fights and being habitually drunk got him b& from local furmeets before they even began. Some months after these bans he convinced many poor souls that he is no longer insane.

Shadowfox is now notorious with other furs, especially when it comes to furmeets
Shadowfox is an accomplished artist
What do you mean its just squiggles? It's a fox! You just have to look at it from the right angle!

UPDATE: He is now "permanently" banned from and all of his sock puppet accounts have been banned too. They even blocked his IP from that site too just to keep this shit stain off of their forum.

Fun times with Shadowfox

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UPDATE: Recently this furfag got so butthurt he decided to move to Houston. Those living in Houston quickly gave him the banhammer just after he announced that he is now living in the area. Apparently his smell of cat shit and AIDS is so bad they quickly knew it moved in.

UPDATE 2: He moved back to Dallas Texas area in Summer of 2011, after failing to get his STD dick wet in Houston. He has since flamed numerous Houston furfags such as Sylver and Caleb for denying him buttsecks. Here is his detailed chatlog explaining his h8 and raeg. In this excerpt, he uses two chat accounts to create the illusion of having friends. He admits to calling Sylver's workplace, filing a complaint, and getting him fired.

On a related note, Shadowfox blanked and trolled the talk/user pages of NarcoticGoldfish, whom had merely un-blanked this article. In response, the sockpuppet account NAMxZ was banned from ED, and this very detailed update was written. Shadowfox apparently thinks the account is Sylver, but there is no proof to know for sure either way.

Shadofox's response to the pics on this page...

I took them for ED. I Want to be on ED for views idoit. So enjoy.


—Shadowfox response to pics on ED (See also: in denial).

"Warning there is racism and explicit content guys!"


On some furry forum for furs to plan furmeets, Shadowfox thought it'd be cool to try to meet up with other furs from texas. What he doesn't understand is that nobody fucking likes drunk psycopathic retards that live off welfare. They kindly told him to stay away, so shadowfox started ranting about bullshit that everybody owes him, then made several sockpuppets to back himself up. The other furs counter trolled him after figuring out that his sockpuppets were sockpuppets. They found this out due to being Grammar Nazi's and shadowfox being a retard as usual.

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