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Shakakuskeeper is a user on deviantART, also known as the cancer that is killing the internet. Her comics consist of showing everyone how people feel waking up next to her, and giving *chan a reason to troll. She appears to have the mindset that everyone actually gives a fuck about her, which brings more lulz to this already lulzy situation.

Drama llama's in action.

One day, Shakakuskeeper had the gall to insult the great Amberanime's magnificent MSPaint recolors of official Kingdom Hearts character art. It was a small, straight-to-the-point comment, but Amberanime threw a shit fit and deleted fucking everything, as well as comment on Shakakuskeeper's art, telling her that it "stinks" and "doesn't deserve to be on DA". This is particularly lulzy because Amberanime's gallery consists of bullshit drawings of animu characters on lined paper. Amberanime also went on to say that she only "stinks at redone pics", which in basic English, translates to "shitty MSPaint official character recolors".

Further drama is To Be Continued...

Lol, Update

It seems Amberanime felt remorse over her act of insane assbaggery and apologized! Amberanimeapologize.PNG

She also went on to babble in this strange, barely legible, language. OMG SHAKAKAZKEEEPR WAZ SOOO MEEN 2 ME!!!11one Ambercomment3.PNG

Further drama is probably not to be continued, but we'll see.

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