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Sharee is a camwhore who has caught the internet disease. She takes pictures of herself in black and white due to severe acne and to hide her Celine Dion scale nose.

Sharee is a 26 year old beast known only to paganism:1 and a handful of homeless men whose cocks are well acquainted with her scabby lips; but all sources agree that she is a skank of godly proportions.


Sharee lives in Australia, a land known for being inbred and criminal as well as the Crocodile Dundee movies. Despite this rich national heritage (which is obvious from the distinct smell of bacon cooked in cat's piss around her body) she pretends that she is "Irish/Welsh". Her name is probably Sheila, like all Australian women.

You are having an acid trip. It will be over soon.

This type of fantasy is common among pagans, who like to escape their banal lives by pretending they are either mythical creatures (see otherkin) or not from the shithole they're currently living in. The most Irish thing about Sharee is perhaps the fact that her mangled cunt looks like a four-leaf clover.

All Three Amazing, Slack Holes!

Sharee tells people that she is celibate through choice. According to her own testimony, she is an Islam convert and does not masturbate. Despite this, and despite her cunt being so large that anything from fingers to double decker buses will inevitably fall in there, she still manages to be pathetic enough to have an internet boyfriend she found in paganism:1. This type of incredulous lying is common among attention whores.

"...Her ass was peppered with wounds, and her buttocks were so prodigiously slack one could have furled the skin around a walking stick..."

Sharee was originally a fat heifer. In all likelihood she looked like a beached whale. Claims from Sharee say that she was once 200 lbs but then lost the weight. According to ex online boyfriends (Sharee's been through a few) she still has hideous stretch marks and drooping cunt lips which look like butchered turkey guts. This is probably not helped by the fact that she has a child, who should be taken away by social services.

Bitch, pick them old titties up off the floor!

These days Sharee spends her lonely nights with her good friends Ben & Jerry.

"As for her vagina, it was the receptacle of everything ungodly, of every horror, a veritable sepulcher whose fetidity was enough to make you faint away. She had one twisted arm and limped in one leg."

Sharee has kids who are all a bunch of emo wrist slitting druggies because who would want to live anymore when their mom is a whore like Sharee? If you say bad things about her brats, she'll throw a tantrum and put her bots in P1, resulting in many lolz.

This is Sharee's bastard mutant rape spawn. Emo retard can't reach his other arm with the knife. LOL

Recent News

Recently Sharee was dumped by her online boyfriend due to a reported nasty case of crabs. She was most likely dumped because she looks like a bulldog trying to lick piss off barbed wire. Her nose is fucking huge and she has a receding hairline that would put Dr Phil to shame.

According to some chatters, being dumped by a wealthy American has left Sharee shattered. Hopefully she'll off herself by choking on the centipede infested blood clots from her period.

She is taking a break from botting because her rent is overdue and she needs to get her crack whore ass out on the street and suck some dicks or she wont be able to pay the rent.

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  • Sharee's profile - note how she has her own name on her friends list. What a sad, lonely bitch.
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