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Is your child an incompetent bicyclist?
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Sharlene Simons is an expert driver and the wife of a York Regional Police officer. After leaving Dave and Busters, a restaurant and sports bar, she did what any responsible driver would and went speeding down a wet road with potholes at night. Unknown to her, three teenagers were carelessly riding their bikes on the same road and needed to be taught a lesson which she concluded by colliding her vehicle into them. The oldest teen, 17-year-old Brandon, was killed instantly for his recklessness and before Sharlene's pop quiz. One of his friends failed the test and left class with a broken pelvis, leaving him nearly crippled, ensuring he won't endanger other motorists ever again. Because she is the wife of a police officer, no breathalyzer test was administered. She said she wasn't drunk after all.

Six months later Brandon's brother, overcome with grief, killed himself by popping pills and drinking heavily, but he wasn't the only person who was suffering. In fact Sharlene, the lady whose car collided with the teens, was unable to find work and experiencing post-traumatic stress. Her husband's salary wasn't enough to heal her wounds, so she hired a layer and is suing the dead teenager, his friends, and the parents. These minors were incompetent bicyclists and should have known that she would be speeding down the road in unsafe conditions. Hopefully the teens and their parents will be forced to pay Sharlene $1.3 million so that she can finally get a job and move on with her life.

The death of a child is the worst thing that could possibly happen, We have nothing but sympathy for the family.


—Michael Ellis, Sharlene Simons' lawyer

were incompetent bicyclists lacking in reasonable care, skill, ability and training


—Sharlene Simons' lawsuit


Woman Suing Parents of Boy She Killed
"Driver who struck teen suing dead youth" Fact Check

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