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A shart, a portmanteau of shit and fart, is one of those epic moments where the anal sphincter doesn't behave quite like you expected. Also known as mass after gas.

The plateau of human evolution, the Shart, is one of the most glorious of human bodily functions. Just when you think that fart is coming out, nature pulls a fast one, the old switcheroo, and out comes the feces. This beautiful mechanism serves no useful purpose in life other than to troll the fuck out of ourselves. That sense of confidence when you're about to sneak a silent fart, well, it's bullshit. Don't let your guard down. That poo can come any time.

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The word 'shart' in Hindi actually means 'challenge', appropriately. Unsurprisingly, TOW has neglected to give this term the importance it deserves, instead relegating it to the article of some Bollywood movie. Since only faggots and Indians care about Bollywood, it was promptly forgotten.

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