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Shawn Lonsdale was a devout anti-Scientologist who stood outside the Co$ building in Clearwater, Florida for almost a half a year, filming a documentary. During this process and for some time afterwards, Shawn was repeatedly attacked and defamed by the Co$. He was found dead in his rented home on February 17, a week after the IRL launch of Project Chanology.

Close Encounter of the Third Kind

Shawn Lonsdale seemed like an unlikely person to dedicate his life to fighting the scifags. His gripe with them stemmed from an argument Lonsdale had with a Scientologist at a Clearwater City Council meeting— Lonsdale got pissed when the Scientologist in question proceeded to stalk him home after the meeting. The next day, a van was parked right outside his house. It remained there for two days.

Far from scaring Lonsdale away, this only served to make him more curious. Like a newfag Anonymous he made his way online and discovered that a whole hell of a lot of people had some major league bones to pick with these silly bitches.

The IRL Troll

Armed with a new knowledge of Scientology's faggotry, a camcorder, a bottle of mace, some water, and a whiteboard with "Cult Watch" written on it, Lonsdale marched out to his local Scientology chapter and proceeded to set up shop across the street. There he remained, ten hours a day, for almost a half a year, always filming, waiting for someone to make a mistake.

This took a grand total of two weeks.

A newly indoctrinated scifag, Michael Fitzgerald, was coming out of a corner coffee shop when he noticed this film maker blatantly infringing on his constitutional right to have a bullshit religion. A confrontation ensued, and the police were called. Upon arrival, they proceeded to take a statement from a witness:

[when asked who was at fault] That's hard to say. Obviously, you can film. It's your right to film, but the first swing was by Shawn.


— Drew Sweet

Fortunately, the police were intelligent enough to see that the witness might not be the most credible of sources when they figured out he was a OT IV Scifag. What apparently happened was the Scitard attempted to hit Lonsdale only to be directed headfirst towards the nearest plate glass door. The charges of assault against Fitzgerald were later dropped.

What made Lonsdale untouchable for such a long time was the fact that he really didn't have anything to lose. At all. He survived on the fringes, a man with nothing better to do than stand outside the Scifag HQ all day with a camcorder, playing the creepy nextdoor neighbor to the Scifag's proverbial 16-year-old girl.

Scientology Fights Back

Another Scifag, Ron Savelo, takes a swipe at Lonsdale's camera

The Scientologists were more than pissed at Lonsdale, and proceeded to begin a campaign to destroy him. This was most famously documented in the BBC Panorama Documentary "Scientology and Me." Lonsdale was doing an interview in a safe location with the BBC crew when none other than Tommy Davis showed up waving proof that Lonsdale was a twisted sexual deviant who should never be trusted. Actually, Lonsdale had turned tricks with men in the past so he could stay afloat. This is kind of weird, but not as bad as being a closeted gay drug addict who really, really likes underagers and forming a bullshit religion to get rich.

This managed to backfire right into the face of the Scifags.The BBC managed to capture this entire event and show it to the public, making the Scientolgist hitman look like a petulant little shit.

Shawn first appears at :45. OMG BALEETED OMG reloaded

However, the zerg rush of scifag hatemail, death threats, and other assorted bullshit took its toll on Lonsdale. He started to slowly back off, posting less and less to anti-Scientologist websites while managing to retain his status as a freedom fighter all the way up till...

His Untimely Death

The body of Shawn Lonsdale was found dead in his home on February 17th. Reportedly he had used a garden hose to fill his room with suffocating gasses from his car. It's debatable whether or not Shawn killed himself for obvious reasons, but a suicide note has helped convince police that this was indeed a suicide. Besides, we all know that Scientology is totally incapable of hurting anybody. It is extremely likely that Scientology covert operatives silently broke into his house while he was sleeping, started his car, and ran a garden hose from the exhaust to the room he was in. How many suicides, car accidents and heart attacks will there have to be until they're revealed for what they really are? Lonsdale was physically assaulted, and had received several death threats shortly before his death

to say the least..

So did the COS kill Shawn?

It is the logical consequence of Co$’s actions that whenever someone they consider a suppressive person appears to have committed suicide, they are immediately suspect.


— The Under Toad on Xenu TV

Before we start, let's cast a little benefit of the doubt on the idea that Shawn Lonsdale probably killed himself:

That said, this case is quickly disintegrating into twists of JFK-sized proportions, especially because of its timing:

  1. It's interesting to note that Shawn had released a simple cut of his documentary to local public access television. It's a possibility that Shawn was working on a more epic version of the documentary, one that could have been considered a threat to Scientology. This seems a little far-fetched, but those Scientologists are some paranoid motherfuckers.
  2. Clearwater, FL is a Scientology mecca. Scientologists hold some major sway in this town, and L. Ron himself praised the progress the town had made. Scientologists have exerted some sway over Clearwater's police force in the past and this may help to explain why the investigation has remained so closed to the public eye.
  3. This 'suicide' looks a lot like the suicide of Quentin Hubbard, the flamboyant son of L. Ron Hubbard. (Quentin was found in a car with a tube hooked up to the exhaust.)
    1. When the medical examiner assigned to Quentin Hubbard's case performed the autopsy, he found no evidence of carbon monoxide poisoning. Rather, they found fresh track marks on his arms.
  4. According to most recent accounts, Shawn was trying to get his life on track, considering going back to school and getting a steady job. While it isn't unheard of for people trying to change their life to kill themselves, it's still fishy.
  5. Scientology, Shawn's greatest enemy, had just suffered the opening shots of one of the greatest protest movements ever organized against it, and in lieu of being able to attack Anonymous, instead decided to go after the critics they already knew of. In short: why would a person kill himself right after experiencing such a glorious victory?

So, is Shawn an hero?— Should we say: "This was apparently a simple suicide"? Or should we say: "This was simply an apparent suicide"?

Simple suicide would be the simplest explanation: man kills self, no conspiracy required. (And yet, Scientologists have a tendency to leave bodies in their wake. At the very least, it is sound advice that when Scientologists are around, you should keep calm and monitor yourself for any spontaneous impulses to inexplicably and implausibly kill yourself.)

If the conspiracy theorists are right, then Scientology has added another kill to their scoreboard.

The Fight Club Reference

In death, a member of Project Mayhem has a name...his name is Robert Paulson.


— The Mechanic, from Fight Club

As of recent, some have been using Shawn Lonsdale's name like a battlecry, repeating "His name is Shawn Lonsdale" over and over again. Prior to doing this, you might want to consider that Shawn Lonsdale was never anonymous, instead he had the balls to put his reputation (and quite possibly his life) on the line to make the Scifags tremble.

Besides, if you want to use a Chuck Palahniuk book to inspire you to fight off the hoards of Xenu, try Survivor, where the former-cult-member protagonist forms a crap religion for profit. If you're looking to troll the Scifags by reading a Chuck Palahniuk aloud to a Co$ headquarters however, maybe you should try releasing your thetans.

The Reinstatement of Fair Game?

Soon after the first set of Chanology raids there was a reported leak of Scientology intelligence to the alt.religion.scientology boards. This revealed the totally idiotic concept of that Anonymous was somehow connected to the Marcab Confederacy, the first prong of a full scale alien invasion. Hidden in this soup of fucktardedness lay a chilling quotation attributed to David Miscaviage:

Several current and formerly overtly prominent ARS SPs are deemed to be Regional Directors of Operations for Anonymous. These Regional directors will be targeted for express handling should legal efforts fail to win injunctions against the mass demonstrations.


David Miscarriage creepypasta, emphasis added

This intel was uncovered on February 15th - two days before the discovery of Shawn's body. What the hell does "express handling" mean? Could the Scifags have reinstated the policy of fair game against their enemies? (lol, no. They would have to had stop it before they could reinstate it.) Either way, it's fucking weird.

Did Ron Savelo have some involvement in Shawn Lonsdale's death?



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