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Lj-favicon.png Sheikh Yarbouti is a troll account most frequently seen on politicsforum. The character is a rather amusing parody of Osama Bin Laden. His userinfo lists the actual birthplace and birthdate of the real Osama, but the rest of the text is clear satire using stereotyped catchphrases. His mortal enemies include godless infidel American left wingers, flag waving infidel American right wing imperialists, fellow troll accounts Lj-favicon.png gysgt_hartmann gone/unknown user and Lj-favicon.png calvin_coolidge seems to be gone too poor calvin, apostate muslim traitors (the hippie peaceniks of the arab world who decry jihad as "un-islamic"), women drivers, and a number of lesser targets.

He seems equally ready to attack anyone who crosses his path but is more willing to tolerate godless left-wingers for pragmatic purposes. Still he seems not to discriminate too heavily in his targeting overall. His target selection in trolling remains what its operator clearly believes to be in character, acting more friendly if short-tempered towards radical leftists but equally contemptuous of moderate right-wingers and moderate left-wingers, with the most bellicose rhetoric aimed at military personalities such as Lj-favicon.png gysgt_hartman. Most of the pics posted on the userinfo and the journal itself seem to be drawn from the website Something Awful.

If one notes the comments in the second entry, the Sheikh appears to have been banned from the Community.gif free_palestine community but also appears to have acquired a fan in the form of Lj-favicon.png writtenword7.

Sheik Yerbouti, on the other hand, was a 1337 music album by Frank Zappa, a really cool avant garde musician from California,and was one of his most controversial albums. His satiric imagination scaled Swiftian heights with the disco parody "Dancing Fool" and "Jewish Princess," a lampoon that drew public outrage from Dinah Shore and B'nai B'rith. But they were fucktards anyway, and no one cared, which caused much lulz.

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