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Summarization of the leftist participants.
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Artist's rendering of Trump supporters winning the game

The inauguration of Donald Trump sparked massive protests and riots across D.C. and the world. Leftists, already mentally unstable and savage, went completely apeshit in the weeks following Trump's victory. Enter Shia LaBeouf, a D-list actor desperate to save face after his Hollywood career left him unemployed and irrelevant. It was within this setting that LaBeouf decided to create the latest in a string of failed "art pieces", this one titled He Will Not Divide Us, a fitting title, given that LaBeouf's attempt to sow division ended with LaBeouf being thoroughly trolled on his own project.

HWNDU began as a 24/7 livestream intended to last for eight years, from Inauguration Day (January 20) until the end of the Trump presidency. First located at the Museum of the Moving Image in a suburb of the liberal shithole known as New York City, locals were expected to come and stand in front of the camera and chant "he will not divide us". The result was a sea of brain-dead morons repeatedly screeching at a wall, along with much attention-whoring.

However, 4chan soon learned about the project. The result was a massive IRL trolling raid with the goal of closing yet another pool and rustling some more jimmies. The trolls congregated mostly on cuckchan and cripplechan /pol/, creating hundreds of threads detailing live coverage of the drama. The operation was a complete success; within less than a month, Shia got arrested after assaulting one of his own fans, and on February 10th, 2017, the project was shut down by police, acting on local residents' complaints of noise and violence. Two weeks later, the camera was moved to a sidewalk in Nowhere, New Mexico. Having been thoroughly trolled at every single other location, the project was moved to an undisclosed location with nothing on camera but a "He Will Not Divide Us" flag and the sky, so the trolls couldn't possibly find it... except that they did.

January, 2017

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HWNDU; leftists already have.

January 20, 2017

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The opening face of season 3 giving the viewers an introduction.

Inauguration Day, and the start of HWNDU; the live feed is set up in a suburb of NYC and immediately goes viral, attracting the attention of the public and of the NEETs who inhabit /pol/. Within hours, trolls show up to pay respects, and Shia's school project quickly became a playground for the heralds of lulz.

January 25, 2017

/v/'s autistic (obviously) janitor makes a guest appearance

Pics From The Day About missing Pics
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January 26, 2017

Pol threads:

Briefing: Three users show up at the start of the day (1 ~ 5 AM) and get nicknamed Jihad Jesus, Jackie4Chan, and Kim-Jong-Anon. They spend several hours reading /pol/ threads and twitter, giving shoutouts, micspamming, trolling, etc. The police show up and interrogate them for a while. Several supporters of KEK show up to bring the brave warriors food. Meanwhile, leftist drones starve in the New York winter. There are rumors spreading that Shia would show up to kick their ass. As the 30-minute mark approached, he didn't show - like the pussy he is. A gay ass nigger furry named PaperBoyPrince shows up around 8:00 AM, with his ugly feminazi friend and hijacks the show for a while until pissing off. Eventually, school is in session so many kids roam the streets. A narutard shows up, as does Ali David Sonboly. The feminazi flashes her small, deformed breasts at the camera repeatedly while school buses and children pass by.

Eventually, Shia shows up, assaults a /pol/lack, and gets arrested! KEK [1]

Video highlights:

January 28, 2017

Sam Hyde shows up and perpetrates a mass shooting that results in 28 casualties. He screwed with the STD-ridden faggot known as "AIDS Bjorn" before later escaping from New York. He hasn't been heard from since. [2]

February, 2017

Info non-talk.png New location: 622 Central Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM.

Show's indefinitely cancelled due to niggers.

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Notable events so far:

  • Zeiger (no relations to our zaiger) from Daily Stormer shows up to advertise their site.
  • A malnourished skinny and tall nigger flaunts a gun during the podcast.
  • A troll shows up with a huge portrait of Pepe.
  • Some dindu sprays the camera black.
  • Two retards almost get shot.

February 10, 2017: POOL'S CLOSED

Shia and his group couldn't take the IRL trolling anymore. As was predicted, the HWNDU stream didn't even last a month. An official reason cited for the termination of the program was the propensity for violence (usually sparked and initiated by the "peaceful" left) and because they were tired of being trolled. The NYPD was happy that HWNDU was dead, because they were sick of having to patrol the (residential) area around the clock, and the local residents were pleased because the closure meant they didn't have to deal with people injecting marijuana and urinating on their property anymore. Plus, Sam Hyde's deadly massacre alarmed locals and noo yoikers in general. [3]

He Will Not Divide Us Part II: Electric Boogaloo

Like Team Rocket, LaBeouf just won't fuck off when he gets pwn'd. A week after the pool was closed, Shia reopened the pool in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in what looks like a ghetto. This has led to many kangs inviting the viewer to follow them on Twitter, Instagram and other Internet AIDS-infested sites.

Be American, Get Shot

March, 2017

March 9, 2017: He Will Not Divide Us 3: With a Vengeance

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The prize

After being defeated everywhere else, Shia abandoned the participatory aspect of his project, and set up a "He Will Not Divide Us" flag in a field in an undisclosed location with nothing on camera but the flag and the sky, so as not to invite the mean trolls to fuck with it. Unfortunately for him, he was unfamiliar with the weaponized autism anons were capable of, and in just 24 hours anons on 8ch's /hwndu/ board managed to cross-reference flight-patterns of passing aircraft seen on the livestream, ambient noise from local wildlife and cars, and star maps, along with other autistic shit, in order to gain the exact location of Shia's gay little flag. Within two days, the flag was captured at Moon Creek Road in Greenville, Tennessee by an anon from 4chan's /pol/ who proudly displays it on his basement wall, having won the greatest game of Capture The Flag ever played.

March 21-23, 2017: He Will Not Divide Us 4: United Kingdom Edition/ Liverpool's closed

After being thoroughly humiliated in the United States, what was left of the project was moved to Liverpool, ironically divided from the artist by the Atlantic Ocean. By March 23, Anonymous captured the flag again, causing Shia to lose the game and what was left of his sanity.

April, 2017

April 9, 2017: OMG Hacked!!1

An evil patriot hacked the HWNDU site and replaced its divisive and hateful message with a message of love and unity:

14/88 #JEWSWILLNOTDIVIDE.US coming in 2018 by Shia Labeouf


http://archive.is/QAwBp, The name of Shia's next shitty art project

He Will Not Divide Us Season 5: #ALONETOGETHER/ cabin fever

On April 12, Shia allegedly hid in a Lapland cabin in a remote area in Finland and invited people to come to the Kiasma Museum in Helsinki where they could sit and communicate with Shia and his accomplices by text message. Naturally he stood up to those damned trolls who keep coming to his shitty art projects, which would otherwise be ignored if not for the relentless trolling campaign. LaBeouf, a notorious plagiarist, replied to one troll who wore a #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN hat with an anti-racist screed shamelessly ganked from some furry on Twitter. At least he has internet up there in the Laplands.

File:Hwndu tweet4.png


He Will Not Divide Us: Salty Loser Edition

On December 4 2017, Labeouf's unwatched Twitter tweeted the powerwords of the two literal Nazis who took the flag. The Twitter mob responded with fake outrage at this heinous theft that happened about 9 months prior, and attempts to get them fired. The joke was on them, as one had no job and therefore nothing to lose, and the other is a nurse in Tennessee, where her racist views are nothing out of the ordinary.

He Will Not Divide Us: Now It's Just Sad Edition

In a desperate bid to remain relevant, the flag is flown at an undisclosed location in France. Except the first response on Twitter was "FOUND IT", along with a map of the flag's location. Apparently, the flag has been burned by a drone and defaced by a condom full of printer ink, yet the artistes responsible for this retardation continue to fly the flag out of sheer butthurt that Hillary lost.


Weapons-grade autism at work
HWNDU inside of America simulator
Shia LeBlownTheFuckOut
Season 2 Finale: The wall gets built


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He sure divided those pussy lips.

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