Shitting Rainbows

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Birthday Party Fun!

Shitting Rainbows is used to refer to people who seem to never give the happy a rest. Reserved for those of optimism so extreme that it would take a sledgehammer to knock them into a funk. Even then, the negativity will most likely only last until their next shit break. While a shitter of rainbows is obviously the polar opposite of emo, they are both equally annoying and fail.

Commonly used to explain one's extreme amount of happiness by the overly dramatic.

I am so happy now that I am actually shitting rainbows.


—-Attention Whore

How they annoy

Somewhat like emos. When you say that your day was okay, not great but okay, these guys begin to rant about how much better their day was than yours in an attempt to make you feel jealous.

Places of Origin

A Greek belief asserted that if Orion lays aside his bow and shoves it in the ass of a Unicorn, this is a sign that his anger has subsided. Many people are unaware that much like Pegasus, the Unicorn too is a servant to the gods.

Shit Rainbows for points!

Other Possible Causes/Culprits

  • Eating Skittles
  • Eating Crayons
  • Unicorns
  • Fapping

Parting Shot

Jesus christ himself could fly down out of the sky on a unicorn shitting rainbows to tell people that George Bush is guilty of war crimes and people would just go on with their day and say, 'get a load of the dude on the white horse with a horn shitting rainbows....he forgot his tinfoil hat.'


— User