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Lj-favicon.png shitty_advice is a LiveJournal advice community, moderated by Lj-favicon.png dankaye and Lj-favicon.png shitadviceadmin.

As the name suggests, the idea is to ask questions with the intent of receiving bad advice, and members compete to see who can offer the best setups and the lulziest answers.


If you follow advice, that's your choice. If the advice was shitty advice and you follow it, you're a moron that deserves bad things to happen to you. If somebody asks a question and you offer "good" advice, you obviously don't grasp the concept of the community. In cases such as this, you will likely be scoffed and taunted until you cry yourself to sleep. Don't take it personally, it's just the opinions of a pack of vultures on the net. Other than that, ask away. That said, ask away. We're happy to give you our .02


—From the community profile

Shitty drama

Most of the community's major drama happened in the early years of 2003 and 2004, before Al Gore added sarcasm to the internets and nobody on LJ knew how to reply to comments instead of to the post.

Some butthurt members went off and founded Lj-favicon.png crappy_advice, which has since been deleted, lol. Lj-favicon.png shitty_advice is still going strong, and most LJ members have finally figured out that it's not the right place for serious questions. Only took them three years or so.

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