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First Evar!

Put Shoe on Head is the natural evolution of pornography on the internets. YTMND users acknowledge that, not only do they not have sex, but they are in fact not interested in it. They convinced camwhores on the web site LiveJasmin.com to cater to their unique sexual needs.

Fellow EDiot K-hate puts shoe on head


  1. Go to LiveJasmin.com.
  2. Enter a free chat. Selecting a room from "Girls" is preferred, though you may choose from the "Boys" room if you are a fag.
  3. Direct the performer to "Put Shoe on Head." Most of these girls are from China or Russia or some other Communist country, so Engrish skills are a must.
  4. The camwhores will try to entice you into giving them money by saying things like "I put shoe on head in pvt room bb." Don't believe that shit. They will give up the goods for free if you are persistent. Promising her you will pay for a private room if she puts penis on head and then just calling her a stupid FAGGOT and exiting the room is considered a fair and honest negotiation tactic.
  5. If a penis is not available, a keyboard, mouse, or other object is also acceptable. The more random the object, the greater the lulz.
  6. Use whatever hacker skills you have to capture the image as soon as she puts shoe on head. Pressing your PrtScrn button and then pasting into MSPaint is considered particularly l33t.
  7. ????
  8. PROFIT!


SexyLexy puts table, hat, and shoes on head.
Cargirl puts shoes on head
sxephil's video editor.

The first "Put Shoe on Head" was created by YTMND last Thursday, and resulted in many lulz. This encouraged YTMND users, who honestly have nothing better to do with their lives, to flood LiveJasmin.com with Put Shoe on Head requests.

There is a Zen Koan about someone killing a kitten and how if they'd put a sandal on their head the Roshi wouldn't have done it. So it's religious or something.

Most of the camwhores on the site comply, once someone is able to translate their demands into Engrish. Some find it difficult to understand why everyone wants to see them put shit on their heads instead of flash their nasty 3rd world tits, but they eventually realize that it's pretty tame compared to some of the other shit they do. Some of the native engrish speakers misunderstood put shoe on head, creating more lulz.

The owners of LiveJasmin.com were very angry that people had started to visit their obscure site. "Put Shoe on Head" demands were overtaking legitimate demands like "cn u stik ur fingers in ur azz plz/" and the owners would not stand for such harassment of their camwhores. The owners posted on the YTMND forums, threatening legal action for the harassment of their models (who were now finally making money) and copyright infringement for the screenshots that were posted. Like any threat of legal action, this simply added to the lulz. Someone was nice enough to suggest a more effective way to communicate the threat, perhaps most importantly, "Consider a formal warning that doesn't involve pictures of orangutans drinking/smoking."

Meanwhile, various camwhores on LiveJasmin.com ignored orders from the website owners to not put shoe on head, and in fact embraced the YTMND community, which was good because most of the users really needed a hug. Elljay Summers caused many YTMND fanboys to bust a nut all over their keyboards when she actually visited YTMND in a live chat. SexyLexyforU officially won at teh internets when she balanced several books, various bottles, a table, a hat, and of course her shoes on her head. Scientists everywhere agree that this is the coolest thing. Evar.

However, "Put Keyboard on Head" has spread like wildfire in /b/. Raids happen almost nightly within /b/ at http://www.liveprivates.com/. Recently, glamour models from the UK adult website Glamour Stars Live confessed to putting all sorts of items on their heads including gloves, a cup of tea, a laundry basket of dirty lingerie and huge teddy bear.

The Dildo Singing Incident

Say hello to the Logan Sperman female counterpart! Her nick on Jasmin is 1Lilith, and unlike Logan (who's a fag), this is an actual girl. On 2-11-2007 an ED user entered a live jasmin room and found a hot, nerdy, goofy girl in a room. After this EDiot told her some jokes she decided to playback a song in a dildo, the ED user promised not to put the recording on ED OR YouTube. He put them on both, which basically cancels each other out. After the EDiot told her she was now on ED and YouTube (same day) Olive took it really well and decided to do a Green Day song specially for us.

The videos were afterwards removed because YouTube serves Our Lord Jesus Christ.

International Relations

See also:Sandalgate

An Iraqi journalist encourages President Bush to put shoe on head:

So what if a guy threw a shoe at me.


W, failing to recognize the XBOX HEUG insult.


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