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Police.gif George is seeking revenge for getting caught helping to make ED pages about trolls who he is severely butthurt by. BOLO
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This page was made out of rage and butthurt from rovestyakuto & Matt Wilson. See Gorgeous George for moar information

Why this page exists

George has been trying to get revenge for the various people that has trolled him online over the years. He's done this by raging about them on the show, calling them and threatening them, lolsuits, and now he is trying to use ED. As if by writing an article will summon mindless trolls to do GG's bidding. Since George is too inept to code a page on this site he had rovestyakuto & Matt Wilson do it for him. It would be one thing if this page was truthful or funny but it isn't. It's a incoherent tl;dr piece of crap.

For example if you go through this page and see all sorts of lulzy typos like "ifsofacto". Also around 90% of the information on this page is false. Like the name of the page, his name Shon Brennan. They changed his name for fear he'd find it. Also this quote from the page "...with the goal of butt fucking every man, woman, and furry he can get his fuzzy paws on." The guy is a faggot and not a trannie, furry or pussy thumper.

Most of the information on this page was fabricated to incense trolls to go after him. George of course was caught and when confronted, bawed and said that the trolls would go back and correct the page. Of course they got banned for their faggotry. Now George wants to make the same page with a different name hoping the mods are too stupid to notice.

Below is the mostly unedited antilulz article. The good news is it works better than Nyquil.

Now the unedited article written by the hilarious Matt Wilson

There is a wanna be troll on Youtube known as Matt is Still Butthurt AKA Shondae Brennan. He is without a doubt the most delusional narcissistic individual I have ever encountered online. He enjoys baahleeting comments and making random vidyas about Gorgeous George which he thinks are the most groundbreaking vlogs ever exported from Windows Movie Maker. In Short he is a plague descending upon mankind with the goal of butt fucking every man, woman, and furry he can get his fuzzy paws on. Oh and Hes Rovestyakuto masquerading as his own e-nemesis" - A real fucking Troll


The Face of Queer
Fag-pocolypse, Similar to Tupacs Lips
Oh right, don't troll this guy, doesn't make sense
Fucking Disgusting Hair Growth

Shondae "Cum Dumpster" Brennan, is a sociopath, elitist would-be troll, aspiring to gain notoriety and internet fame by suckling the abandoned tit that was the Something Awful pass time of harassing Gorgeous George. His hopes are to one day rise to the status of Real Troll and amass a following of likeminded individuals at his “Not Parentz House” to splooge and grind together inside his cave of matted hair and broken dreams.

George I don't live with my parents


—Denying a simple truth, though technically not a lie as he imprisoned his parents so ifsofacto they live with him

I'm not obsessed with George, I literally only spend 15 minutes per week doing this


—After making 4 videos in a 24 hour period

I'm pretty sure that I shot the second coming of Jesus so I might be going to hell. I would have nailed him to a cross but Ammunation was out of 2X4s


—Not realizing Jesus never hated on the gheys

So, so where, where, where's my mom and dad George? Where's My MOM AND DAD!? YAYAYAYAYAYHA *cough* You fail as usual!



So Begins the Furry Journey

Shondae lives in the butt-hurt capital of the world, “California” surviving off disability, food stamps, and pretending to teach foreigners the "Anglish". He spends his days “working” at a Community Theater where he and his fag nasty acting troupe perform new age contemporary versions of William Shakespeare’s plays. One example shows Shondae playing the role of a hermaphroditic Juliet, where he brought peace between the Montagues and Capulets by using his body as a Chinese Fuck Trap of incest and parley. Shondae’s magnum opus is his one man performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in which he bars all exits in the theater and forcibly inserts his rape juice inside every living creature within.


Shondae is the byproduct of a genetic experiment intended to cure baldness within the inbred community, by splicing fetuses with Rogaine and brontosaurus glands. Shondae is initially called a success. In so much that his parents didn't take him to the river and bash his brains out with nearby boulders, like god intended. He grew up sluggish and dimwitted as expected, slouched posture and a penchant for eating ass cavities out of farm animals, but he grew hair, dear god would he have hair. On his head, arms, feet, elbows, teeth, arms and his arms. In fact Shondae has splotches of hair all over his arms in sporadic nonsensical spots. Over time Shondae grew neck waddles like the mighty rooster pig that fathered him, he used these waddles as his purse, keeping his food stamps, sexual prey, and excess hair in. Shondae has been accused of selling his hair to the likes of Namsnoodle resulting in a stupid ass beard that looks more like a fat chicks bush hedge instead of facial hair.

Furry Friends

One day while fondling his multi-genital orifices or as his mammy calls them pleasure pots, Shondae stumbled across the internet sensation known as Gorgeous George being harassed unprovoked on his public access tv show via prank callers. Of course Shondae only saw reruns of what the goons from Something Awful had done, and the little burnt out rainbow bulb in his brain sparked for a moment. He decided he would troll the gorgeous one in a fail attempt at becoming z grade famous. 6 years later (though some accounts have said that he started 10 years ago) Shondae is no closer to becoming famous in any circle. In fact if real goons/trolls even knew of his existence he would be hounded out of reality much in the same way he desires Gorgeous George to be.

Legends of te Faihl

Over the years Brennan has made horrendous attempts at making Gorgeous George look like a fool, he has in all ways failed. Besides the fact that harassing GG hasn't been popular in over a decade, and the fact that GG has gained notoriety and a modicum of fame thanks to the failed efforts of all would be trolls combined. Brennan has 0 talent. Oh sure “it” will critique every syllable and say irony over and over again in a vain attempt to feel right in every argument. This doesn't change the fact that everyone knows “it” is full of shit, not from all the ass compacting going on , that is a factor yes, but mainly due to excessive unwarranted self-importance yielded from proclaiming to be the most importanz e-nemesis of GG.

Outside of deleting comments Brennan has made several videos wearing the snazziest of fashion from goodwill’s Chinatown section. These videos are completely one sided affairs mocking or discounting any and all arguments from GG and anyone else disagreeing with the rainbow Nazi. Someone who claims to spend nearly 15 minutes per week engaging anything Gorgeous George related is obviously a liar when looking at the professed years that Brennan has admittedly spent in fail trolling the gorgeous one. It’s more likely that he faps 15 minutes per day to pictures off of GG’s personal website. To which again Brennan will only spout “IRONYIEZ” “DELTEZ COMMENTZ” “YOU GUHZ R SO FAIHL!”

The Furry Connection AKA FULL MOON RAINBOW

Let the multicolored ass gauging commence!
Definitely not a Furry enthusiast

There is a person that Brennan would all like you to believe is real, an individual who loves Gorgeous George so much, and that the only reason behind this love, is because this person is a furry loving faggot. Shondae wants everyone to think this person is the pinnacle archetype of what to expect every Gorgeous George fan to be. The reality is that this furry faggot named “Rovestyakuto” Is in actuality…..Shondae Brennan’s alternate persona. This persona was created to give off the aforementioned vibe one should feel when thinking on the Gorgeous fan base. However that is only the tip of the iceberg. Rovestyakuto is the furry transformation that Brennan undergoes during a Full Moon Rainbow. Whereupon all “it’s” homosexual, animal, anime tendencies explode in a fury of furry pride, to include molesting kittens and forcing people to watch gif’s of tuxedo mask being mauled by Street Fighters Adon in a “JAGUAR SUIT!”

The lengths that Rovest…I mean Brennan goes through to perpetuate what many call the GG Saga is mind boggling. Someone who spends 15 fucking minutes a week managed to create an ED page that’s updated almost every other day and post youtube videos at the rate of 4 a day when he gets one response from GG calling him a useless piece of shit. The most damning piece of evidence is how Brennan continues to spout out furry knowledge on nearly every post. One cannot have one single conversation without the furry lifestyle being referenced in some way. This is not a mere coincidence as he would have you believe dear internet, oh no.

Furcadia Bitch

M0lestid Translates: Transgender Gay Cyberdom

According to conversations had with Matt Wilson and Shondae itself, Brennan was molested at a tender age, causing it's metamorphosis into the deviant behavior laced hobbit we see today. Shondae is constantly beating off on the reactions of people he harasses, and cyber's anyone with a claim of <3 - butt sechs. Matt Wilson documented one such encounter to prove without a shadow of a doubt how unnatural and easy Brennan is. Oh but once exposed, Brennan played it off by saying he masterfully gained the upper hand by allowing someone to cyber him, reverse proving that Matt Wilson was ghey themselves! Oh NOoOoOo00000! Back peddling once again out of harms way, Shondae pretended the entire incident never transpired. Even when it's mentioned to him, he uses his revisionist history book to proclaim the real truth of what happened and again no one believes him. Disregard that Matt Wilson and rovestyakuto suck whale sized dicks. You can read moar about it here.

"Matt Wilson Proving The Ghey"

"Hah! Brennan Was Playin' You"

Parent Abuse

Naturally being the product of incest/inbreeding, you can expect certain eventualities! Like fucking your mom or dad or sister or brother or cousin or your brother cousin, hell everyone at the reunion. You can also see a large number of domestic violence incidents stemming from trailer/shack residences. However, seeing how the shitburg state of California has implemented a “No trailers here bitch!” law, mandating that hardworking tax payers provide housing for all manner of mutations with low income apartments, it may seem like Brennan might not fit the stereotype. Don’t let that suave layered mashed potato neck hypnotize you, this “thing” is a full blown hate criminal who beats his parents every single minute that they are not locked within their respective rooms.

A "Parent-less" House Filled with Furries

Its incredible that he actually shows his face. Look at those mannerisms associated with his annunciation of words. It's frightening, then the laugh at the end! Yet no one sees the abysmal reality of the situation. Just a nobody desiring to be somebody, somewhere to someone or one'z.

"The Mind of Shondae Brennan at Work"

Brennan was exposed by the Gorgeous One and quickly denied the rumors of his parent’s abuse. Even going so far as to do an “unconvincing “vidya” showcasing the shit hole that he lived in. Brennan also made comments such as “George, what normal house has locks on the doors I mean c’mon!?” The statement raised many red flags when local detectives concluded that Brennan was locking his family members in rooms within the house, only to find the FUCKING FURRY DOG running around free. Project much Brah?

Brennan biting it's mother Lynn for offering to bathe it

Grandpa Beverly's Pro-Tips

Researchers uncovering what appeared to be a small tomb in the burning wastelands of California, discovered a treasure trove of information regarding Brennan's lineage. It's grandfather which is basically his mother twice removed, was once a cross dressing prostitute who did it for the kicks and dicks. This encouraged young Brennan to pursue dicks of it's own. To bring about equality to all lifestyles, even though said lifestyle is nothing more than a sexual fetish, so the good news is for all those fucking 50 Shades of Gray fans who don't know what real BDSM is, can sign slave contracts and become a sodomy playground. Note: Shondae's grandfather was known as Beverly on the mean streets of Compton, where he/she spread love, understanding, and anal shredding among the merry locals.

"Seems l3giiit"
Transgendering Grammar typoz too : Hero for Shondae
The struggle is real
Beverly getting the business in Compton

"The Song that Inspired Beverly Brennan's Life Choice"

The Saga Continues: Because Brennan Needs it too

Here 15 minutes for you to fap to
After his Youtube Post-Fest, Shondae decided to take a week off, so that it could maintain the appearance of only utilizing 15 minutes per week on Gorgeous George

In conclusion it is clear that the only reason Brennan does whatever it takes to get any form of attention, is to compensate for the lack of importance "it" demonstrates within the real world. This explains the homosexual lifestyle, the harassing of one Gorgeous George, the attachment to said Gorgeous Georges detractors in an attempt to gain friends within a very small community , and the continued critiquing of all things that don’t matter in internet speak.

Sadly no one cares about his endeavors other than a few idiots off youtube, that act like SJW instead of coming to grips that they are not internet troll celebrities or cared about by anyone, least of all goons who have moved on to lulzier topics.

Hopefully it will die of the aids and be done with, we can only hope, but until then, stay vigilant for when the furrys rage critique all over your internetz. For instance he will probably point out how many z’s are attached for 0 reason to many words, or how many times Gorgeous George is typed or referenced. Not to mention IRONIES IRONEIS IRONIES Z ZZ Z ……oh and that I just slapped together poorly edited ms paint words and arrows…but whatever. Also Shondaedae will most def do a vidya in scrolling through every aspect of this page, laughing and calling it fail the entire time, as is his custom with anything pwning him.

15 Minutes Per Week

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