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The Original Shoop.

From the autists who bought you Lioncash comes Shoopcash (or Shoopbills). This soon to be dead 'meme' fails it because people (and especially Americunts), are essentially lazy and too cheap to buy the multi-coloured pens or crayons required to make a Shoopbill correctly.

Shoop Bills


Created by a bored New Jersey /b/tard not satisfied with making a mockery of the pitiful US dollar with crudely drawn >:3 emoticons, they're already in circulation and awaiting the reviews of art critics in an attempt to raise the US $'s worth to more than a $ from Zimbabwe.

They are jew golds with the SHOOP DA WOOP face emblazoned over a famous presidents nobody fucking remembers. Lulz ensue when drug dealers see the 'artistic' dolla dolla bills y'all as the customer tries to pay for their dimebag of crack.

A Shoopbill has, thus far, never been rejected so continuation of the creation of the Shoopbills has been encouraged by many artful /b/tards. There are many variations of the shoopbill such as the American Shoopbill and the Jynx Shoopbill featured on this page.


Shoopbill creation is only for artistic peeplez. Attempt at your own risk. Nobody wants to see your FAIL version of IM CHARGIN MAH LAZERZ fgt.

Making a Shoop Bill

  1. Get monies
  2. Cover prezidnt in white out
  3. Draw your shoop
  4.  ????
  5. PROFIT!

Coming Soon

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