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Shounen Maid Kuro-Kun is a shotacon manga series geared toward lonely, gay, sex-deprived Japanese businessmen. It proved to be so popular among the above demographic - 99% of Japan - that a cheesy ass “comic animation” was commissioned and followed by a fully animated fuck-o-thon. These were produced by 37C Binetsu (formerly Natural High), the same production company that gave us the heart-warming Boku No Pico original video animations (OVAs). ‘Cos if you’re gonna make a child-porn fap-fantasy, go to some tried and true veterans who’ve evaded arrest and/or execution by the police.


Kazumiya Kuro-Kun, a prepubescent she-male with magenta hair highlights, lost his parents to a rampaging horde of nigger gang bangers. Kuro is subjected to repeated cock-rammings by loan sharks until a handsome, wealthy, lusty young faggot named Akuryuuin Miisu (wapanese for “Christian Grey”) rescues Kuro from their grubby hands. Miisu takes Kuro on as his maid, dresses him up in skimpy clothes and picks up where the thugs left off with the buggery and cock-gobbling. All this under the pretense of Kuro paying off debts owed by his deadbeat father who has no objections to his underage son having sadomasochistic sex with an eccentric pedophile.

Comic Animation: “Secretly Crushing Cock”

This cheaply put together atrocity is punctuated by little Terry Gilliam cartoons of Kuro being placed in various peek-a-boo outfits.

Tweak-Tweak Kuro-Kun

A merry romp that depicts him having his nipples attached to violin strings by Miisu, who then grabs a bow and goes Paganini on the little fucker. Tiring of being so inventive, Miisu resorts to grabbing, pinching, slurping and sucking Kuro’s nipples until they spurt blood, milk and cum all at the same time.

Kuro’s Further Romances

One of Kuro’s classmates decides that mind-fucking would score some extra shits n’ giggles by handing our hero a love letter to give to Miisu - a letter that the dumb, bubble-brained he-cooze didn’t bother to read himself. The letter makes Miisu go ape-shit crazy and he drops Kuro on top of a wooden hobby horse with a double-trouble, lotion-spurting dildo that does nothing to ease the rough penetration. Believing that Kuro’s rectum ISN’T wide enough, Miisu crams his stick in along with the dildo and turns Kuro’s fuck-hole into the Holland Tunnel. This causes Kuro to blast rockets of spooge and declare his undying love for Miisu like the punk bitch battered housewife he is.

The OVA: “Tenshi no Uta” or “The Angel’s Song”

Akuryuuin Miisu. Next in line for the papacy.

From the title you can already tell you’re about to plunge into a cesspool of fagginess.

An “origin story” that sets up Kuro entering the palatial fun-house of fuckery lorded over by Akuryuuin Miisu. After being gang raped by a gaggle of geese (srsly), Miisu sets Kuro down and drops the bomb that his mincing princess-princess of a father owes 100 million yen (1,280,000 dollars. That’s chump change for the Koch Brothers, yuh-huh?).

Miisu lays down the law: He orders Kuro to pay off the debt by giving up whatever shreds of masculinity remain in his skinny, magenta-haired body. Miisu makes Kuro dress up like a half-nekkid au pair who cleans windows, dusts tables and delivers tea while Miisu creams his pants. After a while, Miisu can’t contain himself. He uses Kuro’s body for a dessert plate and sucks the boy’s nipples (got a thing for a boy’s nipples, don’t he?). For the following days, he uses Kuro’s happy hole as a slopjar every time his donkey starts braying.

Strangely enough, the pre-adolescent Kuro begins to grow some balls as he learns to fight back against his sugar daddy by doing everything from kicking his way through trick camera mirrors to delivering awesome reverse spinning-heel kicks to Miisu’s face. You go, girl!


Tonight only at YaoiCon!!!

Yaoi-Haven has posted both the comic animation and the OVA for the entertainment of flabby toad women who jill off to men who have “relationships” with one another. The yaoi fans' reactions vary from the ever-so-predictable “KAWAIIIIIIII” to “I’m going to hell for watching this.” Hell, being a real place, will in fact be the final stop for all these shota lusting blubber hags as they are destined to be locked in echo chambers that repeat the words “DESU” and “KAWAI” for eternity while being buggered by the tentacle demons from “Urotsukidoji - The Legend of the Overfiend.”

The production company Natural High/37C Binetsu/Sugarboy or whatever the fuck they call themselves now have not released any sequels to the Shounen Maid OVA as their studios were finally raided by shock troops operated by Disney, who tries to keep a monopoly over kiddie-porn. Oh you don’t think they do? Two words: Hannah fuckin’ Montana.

Despite this, the single OVA made out like gangbusters at the 2012 Yaoi/Furry/BronyCon. This spawned vomit-provoking crossover illustrations at DeviantArt like “Pony Maid Clopper-Coon” or “Pico to Chico to Coco to Kuro to Rainbow Dash.”

As many a ComicCon denizen can tell you, “There’s always another level.” Shounen Maid Kuro-Kun plunges animu several levels down to depths that Boku no Pico failed to descend.


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