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This is what every single shoutwire user looks like, even the 2 girls that visit because they're not really girls no girls use the internets.

Shoutwire is the number one source of moonbattery on the Internets. Any resemblance to Digg and StumbleUpon is purely obvious.

Shoutwire is a hangout for slackers, batshit insane conspiracy nuts, and basement dwelling nerds.

Originating circa 1950, Shoutwire was started as a place where social drop-outs and wannabe journalists could post their Casablanca movie review and wait for the mountains of praise from fellow reviewers. Of course, the praise never came, due mostly to the fact that no one gives a shit about the fact that "Play it again, Sam" wasn't actually in the movie.

Shortly thereafter, some hentai fanboys crashed some airships into big block looking things, achieving massive damage and lulz aplenty. Shoutwire users, like vultures ripping apart a dead hooker, descended upon the subjects of 9/11, politics, conspiracy, and the ever popular Mecha-Hitler/Ronald Reagan sex tape scandal.

After contributing posts on literally every possible topic that could be written about within the confines of the 10 dimensions, these Brian Peppers clones somehow manage to keep rewording their boring old shit, and posting it again. Forever.

Most recently, Shoutwire has been accused of racism. [1]

It should be noted that Shoutwire is not racist to only Niggers but to dirty jews, Mexicans, Chinamen, and Australians. However it is quite odd that the typical Shoutwire user will jump to the defense of your average Arab.

Recently, everyone realized that this shit sucks. There was a website challenge by the extremely capable site administrators to see if anyone had the guts to build an even shittier website. The contest was one by user MrBig4545 when he created:

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