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the original artwork by Duke
Duke, as always, is outraged

Shut up, judge!... please?

I said shut up!

All started when Duke Otterland decided to do a new icon for the 100x100xchange LJ community. Not only is the image badly drawn, but it clearly depicts symptoms of heavy gayness, confirming the suspicions we already all have against Duke.

Following this event, a few image macros have spawned containing the text "Shut up judge". Make sure you add it to your lj interests.

As Duke is a retard, he didn't couldn't think before actually posting this image, and burst in anger as people started pointing and laughing at his image. In response to Duke's outrage, more and more images seem to be appearing using this phrase. On the night of Jan 1st, 2007 someone purportedly from ED hacked into his Livejournal and posted this video. Soon after, an archive of his friends-only entries surfaced on ED (these have been temporarily removed due to a dmca complaint against ED.) And are back up here.

In the meantime, Duke regained his Livejournal, only to delete it in a fit of otter-flavored rage.

Once again, Duke proved to be one of the best lolcows ever.

Teh gallery of STFU

This is a fucking Simpsons' reference, for Chrissakes.

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