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By vaginal, they mean butt.
A Challenger! He always appears!

Silken Secret is a brand of lube manufactured by Astroglide which unintentionally created much lulz on the internets.

In April 2007, a text file containing 4,528 orders for the product was leaked, which included their address, e-mail address, age, gender, and reason for purchase (with reasons usually being "vaginal dryness" or "intimate activity").

The text file was posted on, and was spammed on ED IRC by Refeniz.

Hoveround has spearheaded an email campaign to exploit this opt-in list by inviting sufferers of genital dryness to use mudkipz as a soothing relief from the pain and discomfort of buttsex:

Have you tried mudkipz? Research has found thatover 9000 cases of 
genital dryness have been solved with the help of mudkipz.

Find out more at today!

Facts about Purchasers of Lube

  • Nearly 30% of people who request free samples of sexual products from the internet can't type their email address into a web form without some form of assistance.
  • 10.4% of people who request a product for "vaginal lubrication" identify as male, and are probably traps.


The original file

The cleaned up and now infamous DRYLIST.TXT

The original article

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