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For A Crush
by ~silver-seren

For A Crush

A name's a name we can never say
no matter how much we may
be different and departed,
but I don't wish to be made a martyr.
Though your name, I must say, is worse,
so excuse me if I am a little terse.

You see, my feelings can never be told,
even when we do get old,
though mayhaps I can say in passing
what deep in my heart you are amassing.

But this I must do years hence
if I do not wish for some recompense
to strike us down in our current times
like what I express in these wretched rhymes.

What is a crush but a passing fancy, draining
me of willpower and strength, making it almost paining
to sit next to you in class
as two friends who daily pass.

Though I know that I cannot
go down the path so fraught,
like falling into a bottomless pool,
as the one that ends with telling you.

I could stand everything else
if I could only know myself
that your answer to me would be curative,
as what I seek can only be an affirmative.

Thus, I know I love you
with a love that is perhaps not true,
for all I know about love can be found
in a fading imprint in the ground.

Should it be better to just walk away?
It would be the only way
to save us both from what would arise
if I ever managed to catch your eyes.

It just cannot be,
for I know that you are unlike me.
Different and strange, but my heart still so pure,
i'd rather it wasted away without your cure
than to harm our connection as I might to do
if I ended up telling you:

I love you and that's the truth.