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by ~silver-seren


The bond long ago that we forged together
gleamed at a time once and forever.
Hearts combined to make a sound
so many at a time, it was without bound.
But wax and wane, wane and wax,
time took away what it could not give back.

Turned to ice, we were, and now
we shall never find what cannot be found.
Distance and time, but more of pain
destroyed all that we had to gain.

That sound was lost long ago,
the chime we could say, "I know, I know."
Hardened by chaos and what we could define
as what was yours and what was mine.

So now we sit and sit and think
into those hateful thoughts and sinks.
I hate you and you hate me
for reasons we know quite perfectly.

But I care not to fight with you,
for I know the abuse we've both been through.
Instead we should go our separate ways
and don't look back until the end of our days.

However, there's something i'd like you to see
that still exists between you and me.
For there's something that can never be destroyed,
no matter how much we may get annoyed.

You see, that spark right there inside
is exactly what I had in mind.
If you put your ear up close to it,
you''ll hear that chime that always fit.

So, while I may never see you again
and the distance between us be a million and ten,
our hearts will be linked by that one little line,
that beautiful sound we can always find.

I want you to know just one thing,
even if I can never bring
myself to see you because of pain
that jolts between us forever and a day,
and while I hate you all the while,
shoving your name in an undisclosed file:

I love you still, even if it's been a while.