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<Silver Seren
ID: 32549
Original ID: 8850976
From: Dragoneer
To: Silver-Seren
Title: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Hey, uhm...
<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote">Not sure if any drama will come from
doing that...the drama will come when I put it into Kage's article
itself. Admittedly, i'm going to have to think about the right way to
word it, since his article is fairly well balanced. Somewhere in the
furry section, obviously...probably after the sentence "Kage has also
claimed that his cockroach fursona is also part wolf." I could put in
another sentence somewhere along the lines of "This is likely a
throwback to his other fursona, Rogue, who is a megawolf."

Well...can I at least be assured that, if drama does emerge, I won't be kicked off of FA? ^_^;</div>No drama on FA at all. This is a Wikifur thing. =) We don't take any off site issues as a problem on FA.
ID: 32558
Original ID: 8850036
From: Dragoneer
To: Silver-Seren
Title: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Hey, uhm...
<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote">When you say, "I can verify", do you
mean I have permission to use this PM as proof in the article or is that
just to let me know? Either way, thank you for sending me the PM in the
first place. I appreciate it.

I was able to find <a class="auto_link" href="">other proof</a>,
so I don't necessarily need to use your confirmation. Though there's no
denying that using your confirmation would be much, much stronger than
anything I would be able to find online, really.

Allan drama is funny though. I mean, he could be spending his time
trying to improve his lot in life, but instead spends it creating drama
for you and FA. It's sad, really.</div>I'd rather not be named in
particular, but you could keep it anonymous and state it was confirmed
by "an FA admin" or by "Fender".
ID: 32560
Original ID: 8849792
From: Dragoneer
To: Silver-Seren
Title: RE: RE: RE: RE: Hey, uhm...
<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote">There's a difference from creating
drama for drama's sake and drama resulting from someone doing what they
believe is right. I believe that people have the right to know the
connection between Kage and Rogue.

My opinion on this would, likely, be very different if Rogue Megawolf
was an old character of his that wasn't used anymore and it was
something he had abandoned. Then, I would understand why he would want
to disassociate himself from the past and I would respect that.

However, as can be seen from the Rogue FA page, he is still firmly
active. And, thus, I feel I am required to put the information on the
Wikifur page.

Kage being "very particular about his image" and having something like
this in the shadows just strikes me as highly hypocritical, especially
when he's the one touting that the fandom should be family friendly. My
editorial integrity won't let me just walk away from something like

If Greenreaper was removed just for the fact that he had an opposing
opinion and stated it, then it is the rest of the staff themselves, and
Kage, that are in the wrong.

I don't abide by bullies who try to make everything their way and then
they themselves are breaking their views in the shadows. I can't stand
by and let it be a secret like that.

If it's going to create drama, then it's going to create drama. So be it.

The only issue I have currently is that I am finding it hard to find any
information on the connection between them, which is why I was so sure
they were not the same person previously. It clearly is a very
well-guarded secret. Ironically, the only real proof I have is this PM
conversation between us, but since I am quite sure you don't wish to be
involved or even insinuated in this, i'm going to have to keep looking.
I'm sure i'll find something eventually. There has to be something out
there that proves the connection.</div>I don't either. Believe me, I'm
not a fan of Kagemushi. I was kick off AC staff too, and the last thing
Kage ever said to me was "Welcome to my shitlist, asshole." and has
never spoken to me since (and never wanted to hear my side of the story,

Like Greenreaper, I also stood up for the right thing... and got trounced.

But I do try to stop drama when I can. Whatever action you take is up to
you. I can verify that Kage is Rogue, they're on the same IP, they
account shows log outs from one and right into the other. Whatever
action you take is up to you.

I'm no fan of Kage, especially given he tells people *NOT* to use FA...
but I don't like drama either (except for Allan, but that's another
ID: 32562
Original ID: 8849386
From: Dragoneer
To: Silver-Seren
Title: RE: RE: Hey, uhm...
<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote">Bad juju in what sense? Because...if
it's the truth, then, as an editor of Wikifur, I feel I have an
obligation to put the information on there.

If it's something that Kage will then end up going to GreenReaper to
have removed...well, there's nothing I can do about that. But, let me
just say that I would lose an immense amount of respect for him as a
furry, an administrator for Anthrocon, and as a person.</div>Well, it's up to you.

I used to be Anthrocon Ops Staff, and Kage and I went back to like '98
as friends before we had some issues. Kage's very particular about his
image, and I don't think he'd want to be associated with Rogue.

Besides, Greenreaper was already removed from AC staff for standing up
for himself over issues. =\ I dunno. I'm just saying. Just trying to
prevent potential drama.
ID: 32564
Original ID: 8849099
From: Dragoneer
To: Silver-Seren
Title: Hey, uhm...
Just an FYI, I read the posts on WYS.

Rogue *is* in fact Kagemushi. He and I go way back (when we were on good
terms). However, I would nooot advise updating Rogue's Wikifur page
with the link to Kage. Given certain other Wikifur admins, linking Rogue
to Kage would spark a LOT of drama.

It'd be *very* bad juju.

But I can confirm they are, and always have been, the same person.
ID: 100645
Original ID: 8534806
From: Synwolf
To: Silver-Seren
Title: RE: RE: T.A.M Membership
I'm actually quite opposed to their hypocritical bullshit. =P

T.A.M believes that getting the job done and taking this asshole down is
more important than starting petty comment wars and flaming artists
that draw for him. It distracts from the important work of collecting
evidence with which to file reports and gives naysayers fuel to use
against us. They can't accuse us of being hypocrites if we don't start
drama. Simple as that. ^_^

But you're welcome to do what you please in any manner that suits your
fancy ... just as long as you don't try and associate it with T.A.M. =3
ID: 100647
Original ID: 8533277
From: Synwolf
To: Silver-Seren
Title: T.A.M Membership
All that's required to be a member of T.A.M is the following:

1) Never say anything on a commission bought by Allan submitted on FA except the following comment:

"Thank you for assisting in our investigation.

-- T.A.M; The Anti-Allan Movement"

2) Never comment to ANY Allan supporter with anything OTHER than "Thank you for your input [insert happy smiley/emote here]."


Because the mission of T.A.M is peaceful defiance. T.A.M wants only to
collect as much evidence against Allan as possible that can be reported
to the proper authorities. T.A.M does not partake in drama--it OBSERVES
drama. It informs the masses that T.A.M is ALWAYS vigilant. But T.A.M
never confronts. T.A.M never accuses. T.A.M merely watches and
strengthens the arsenal against Allan--one commission/journal/tweet at a

The purpose of T.A.M is to prove that action can be taken to END the drama that is Allan--not fuel it.

Anyone caught operating under the membership of T.A.M while defying its
founding principles WILL be ostracized from the organization. It's not
an act of hatred or anger--it's the only way to preserve the integrity
of the Movement.

Long Live T.A.M!

-- Synhowl -- Queen/President of The Anti-Allan Movement (T.A.M)