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I'd tap that
Silverfuck as we knew her
Myspace whore?
Nothing wrong with this!
Oh Wait.
Double F**K
Silverfuck in real life.
Triple F**K
Robinhoody's earliest photos were less than convincing.

Silverfuck is notable due to her been the most effective and long-lasting troll Zoklet has ever had the misfortune to experience. Otherwise known as Robinhoody she ( now on referred to as 'he' ) managed to evade the eyes of the Staff and Community for an entire 8 months. This was achieved by pretending to be an attractive chick and blinding the community's senses with a photoshopped and copy & pasted images. Robinhoody first appeared back in the old days of totse. After that was closed down he began hunting for a new place to troll. Like many refugees from Totse, he ended up making an account on Zoklet. Inevitably the Admins noticed what an idiot he was and promptly showed him the door. And that was that, no-one noticed Silverfuck sign up. However, soon they would.

Silverfuck first got attention when he posted up a image of "her" with &Z on her hand, a symbol that the image was valid. He posted other pictures ( as seen on the right ) and he attracted hordes of starved Mud Farmers. This continued till Silverfuck had been posting for 8 entire months and gathering over three thousand posts. No-one suspected that this was Robinhoody carrying out some fetish revenge. These below comments just show you not only how obsessed people were with her, but how she went completely undetected:

You're so awesome silverfuck, I wanna be just like you, you awesome Canadian


Desperate Fan

Hey can I see some pics of you? Do you have any posted on the site anywhere?


Desperate Fan

The Discovery

Blunderful, a user was working happily on a comic, was trying to add in Silverfuck at the end when he noticed something. Her hand seemed a bit strange. He also questioned how the only image with gives evidence she is real was more grainy and less quality than the rest. Using various epic photoshop skills. Blunder managed to pinpoint ( image on the right ) the obviously faked edit which Robinhoody had tricked us with all this time. Showing the photo with edited highlighting to the forum, everyone began to promptly shit bricks.

It didn't take long to work out that many of Silverfuck's posts were not 'sound' and provoked questions of invalidity. Such as a thread about performing a strip tease for her ( his ) boyfriend. What kind of girl would ask that on Zoklet? Surely a Troll was being smelt. Below Blunder describes the photoshopped image.

Look at the edges - left side has a black outline, right bottom side has a white outline. The tone and quality of the hand is obviously different from the rest of her - OBVIOUSLY a different image pasted onto the background layer.

This is why "she" made the picture blurry/bad quality - so nobody would notice.


Blunderful giving the world a reality check

The Aftermath

Many users joined spread the lulz happily and jumped on the bandwagon. It was a mixture of shock and amusement all around. However, people who were in denial to what was being put on a silver plate in front of them refused to admit to their foolishness, and useless comments appeared:




Good Lord.



Other Response's:

I knew all along that it was just robinhoody in a wig.



If silverfuck was your idea of a perfect girlfriend then I feel sorry for you.


slim-0v-derby' telling the truth'


While the vast majority of Zoklet experts now agree that Silverfuck is robinhoody, there are some who, for their own perverted and self-serving reasons, continue to argue that it's a real girl. They say that the different colored outline is just a standard effect of unequal lighting and the poor-quality laptop webcam that she (i.e. he) obviously used to take the photo. These users point to Enter's technical inexperience, and, especially, his inability to install Truecrypt without making 5 threads in T&T, as evidence that he doesn't know what the fuck he's on about and should stick to drawing his stickmen in MSPaint. However, these views are without any real weight.

Ultimate Fucking Success
Robinhoody's confession that he has no life.

After The Aftermath

Success! Blunder was putting so much pressure on this troll that something had to give. Robinhoody posted a confession telling everyone what a failure he was.

Various responses included:

lulz, trolling complete.


Raptor Ribs - A fag who pretended he knew her in real life.

I don't believe you.


PieGirl - Denial

Yet amazingly, He is still a Mod, more evidence of Zoks inability to look after anything. Silverfuck has officially quit zoklet.

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