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Silvertree is a anti-feminist.

Lj-favicon.png silvertree is one of today's major opponents to The Man, Tampax, and the oppressive culture of mainstream Wicca. To begin our journey towards better understanding this reputation and the magnificent woman behind it, we should first examine her public persona, followed by her semi-private (or "God I wish this were private") self-image.

Silvertree's Public Image

Silvertree hates this boy.

Silvertree presents Livejournal with a number of faces. Her userinfo claims many labels, including menstrual activist, pagan-atheist, intelligent, feminist, bisexual, asexual, hater of those with an IQ under 100, and British Airways lackey. The veracity of these statements has been largely disproven.

Silvertree as Community Moderator

Silvertree loves her menstrualblood.

Silvertree moderates several communities on Livejournal, as noted in her userinfo. Perhaps the most notable of these is Lj-favicon.png menstrual_lib. In this community, Silvertree fervently spreads her gospel of "anything that is natural is automatically good." She encourages women to ignore biased Tampax ads, and to instead ask competing companies for their unbiased opinion of their main competitor. The community's logo, created by Lj-favicon.png soul_tremor during her heavy flow (and later graciously shared with Lj-favicon.png blood_art), epitomizes the community's loud and proud message of "Damn you Tampax for not letting me bleed all over everywhere." Silvertree is also known for drama in her community Lj-favicon.png wiccan. She is a strong supporter of the "Wicca countermovement", often upsetting teen Charmed fans.

Silvertree as Community "Contributor"

Silvertree is perhaps best known as a spreader of knowledgable, rational advice in sex communities. For instance, here she soundly corrects one poster who claims that "tampons leave stuff inside you" is a myth, teaching the wayward poster that Snopes is just part of a grand tampon conspiracy. In fact, she often tells posters that tampons are evil and dangerous. She also claims that nothing dangerous is ever sold. She also once told a poster on a Christianity community that prejudice is okay as long as you really, really believe in it.

Silvertree's Semi-Private Image

While a general portrait of Silvertree can be formed from her public writings, her supposedly private writings also offer a more detailed look into her persona. Her own journal, of course, is a good place to start. However, her journal has been Friends only for some time. But once upon a time, her journal featured a variety of logically argued essays, including one claiming that Michael Jackson should be acquitted because he is a pedophile not an active.

In the comments of her friends' journals, one can glean facts about her family life: for instance, her family used to breed chipmunks. Glimpses into her asexual/bisexual sex life can also be gleaned, as she tells a friend that she thinks orgasms are boring. However, her personality begins to develop more fully when we begin to examine her posts to various communities. For instance, her post to LD Adults discusses how she is a victim of, well, everything. And in Menstrual Hut, she opines about her massive loss of blood from her vagina. And lest we forget--she's interested in pony play!