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Talking to people in Simple English can be made easier with pictures.

Simple English is English for simple people.

Some people, like the young, people with learning differences, people whose mother language is not English, and people of different ethnicities, may have difficulty understanding words that native English-speakers understand, including memes (things people find funny to repeat over and over). Simple English is a way to talk to people without making them feel bad right away.

Used right, Simple English is a great way to convey complex concepts to new members, as well as a good means of condescension (telling someone how stupid they are in an indirect way). It is best used towards people who have a high opinion of themselves. Using simple English makes them feel stupid, and asspie rage may develop.

How to Write in Simple English

  1. Pretend (make believe) to be explaining something to a six-year-old girl.
  2. Use simple words like the ones found on these lists: [1] [2]
  3. Give a definition (word meaning) in parenthesis (←these curvy symbols→) of any word not on the lists.
  4. Make it clear to your listener that Simple English is being used for their benefit.
  5. ???? (something unclear happens here)
  6. Good things happen.

Simple English Wikipedia

Moar info: Simple English Wikipedia.

Simple English Wikipedia is Wikipedia written in Simple English, except more unfunny. Trolling (doing bad things to people and places online) is made difficult by the need to use Simple English in the good way to prevent more edits.

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