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Sine and her husband, Chris
The llama herself
Sine and her infamous stained green sweater of DOOM

Sine Nomine (born at least 100 years ago) is the author of "Secret Shame" and founder of the two-faced, whiny self injury support group, Bodies Under Siege. Bodies Under Siege was recently almost over-taken by Nazis but the army of 16 year old girls chased them off. Sine Nomine is known world-wide by emo cutter kids for her extensive bullshit and ability to transform into a llama.

Ditto Cops ringleader, Arkady, was also a member of "BUS".

Academic career

Ms. Nomine studied at the University of Texas at Arlington, where she majored in Messageboard Administration with a minor in mathematics. We know this because she never shuts up about it. She completed her undergraduate thesis on "Shyness and Stereotyped Sex-Role Behaviors During Initial Interaction between Opposite-Sex Great Apes" (as part of her honors program). It detailed the interactions of people before engaging in wild monkey sex, of which Sine Nomine has frequently mentioned as being one of her favourite pastimes.

Literary career

Ms. Nomine is presently claiming to be co-authoring a book with Jan Sutton and Dr. Seuss, but she hasn't had time to complete it. She will get back to you about it when she's finished her lunch of fat lard mixed with gummy bears, various negro children, and Kurt Cobain tears with a diet low carb soda.

Usenet Posts

Sine has been a regular on Usenet since 1991. We know this because she tells us all the time.

She was a prolific poster to the group, for which she authored a FAQ.

She also was a frequent contributor to the Usenet group. Her husband is from Oompa Loompa Land and received his green card upon marrying her.

But Sine Nomine gained her greatest notoriety from her posts in the alt.angst Usenet group in the 90s. Read the glowing reviews submitted by other alt.angst members:

  • One of the more controversial posters: alternately hailed as a net.goddess and decried as a pretentous whiner. Writes long, confessional posts, often dealing with her personal psychiatric problems and miserable childhood with an abusive, alcoholic step-mother. Can write; has had soliciations for manuscripts in the real world. Just moved to Seattle; owns a cat (a male named EVE for the Extensible VAX Editor); MUSHes a whole lot. When not on medication, self-mutilates with an xacto-knife and bleeds into plastic cups. If we're lucky, will continue to resist her urge to suicide. 5'8", 32 years old, between 175 & 200 lbs. Has been officially pronounced "unpopular" by smoochless.
  • Well, she is a dirty, self-mutilating, whorish bitch. Also, the hair on her "ick" calves is long enough to braid! The scars are horrific and the real tragedy is that the mind has a flicker of intelligence.
  • BTW, what color was that gunk on her skin, again? Ya know, I still want to toss my Honey'Nut Cheerios every time I remember you describing to me that one night, in disgustingly technicolor detail, her "scraping little gobs of greasy gunk off her skin, and rolling it in little balls"...and your description of her scars, matted hair, etc, was pretty horrific, too.
  • Hey Faustus, does it [Deb] have any distinguishing "marks", or is it hideous enough that I can't miss it?...I'm afraid of what I might see on some Berserkely street some night - this mutant, glowing, bug-eyed, greasy haired, self-mutilated, harpy in my headlights. Scary. Very scary...I think I'll pass on going to Cody's Books for a few months. That's the only thing that makes me go anywhere near Berkeley anyway...
  • "Two thumbs down!"
  • "Best movie of the year! The must-see summer blockbuster!"

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