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Lizabeth Jimenez aka Sisero is a barely successful "manga" artist or, [as weeaboos would call it], a mangaka who post quite frequently on deviantart. She is apparently born out of the very rock that art was created from. One day God himself came down to Earth and handed her a paint brush, but told her "Please use markers instead and be as cocky as you can be. Completely down talk digital artwork, even though you use it most of the time." Meet her for yourself as she talks of herself

Before long Sisero found herself engulfed with young fans of her "work". No one older than the age of 17 could understand why this perceived phenomenon was happening. Dont forget the fans of non talent that wished they can draw of the mangaka ways of yoai and what have you of manga and anime. Her fans is mainly of mindless weeaboo fanbrats who constantly raise her blood of weeaboo kingdom. With all this going to her head she claimed herself perfect of every way and nothing is wrong by her doing, any input that is of her size -5 characters and coloring it is but wrong "cause she is the god of manga" She also claims she is a gay boy at heart. Too bad DA is full of [sarcasm]"critiques"[/sarcasm]. Go on try to leave a truthful comment about proportion , god , and or anime and see if you are reported/blocked for putting her down or is harassing her "darling". With these size -5 characters can you guess what size she is. She must draw from her image right?

If you can get pass that you are a strong hero to get pass those smiles "darling" "Honey" and the "umm, Im glad for your input but I have to say your wrong......" attitude. Everything that is typed if your not naive enough come off as a put down and bring up for her, darling. Dont forget her many talents of I can sing , I can use digital but im too good for it cause its easy "even though her digital is pure novice shit" and god is everything god is god , god is my home boy. Go check the journals.

Sacred, her "manga"

Her manga/soft core yoai "even though the characters look 12 for their huge heads (as she state on her mangabullet) is why she draw disproportion heads, BUT they are 18 cause she needs to say this for the yoai action type art. So what is it "darling"" is a big hit with barnes an nobles. Which is why the price was lowered much more, and dont forget whoring out her artbook on all the manga sites you can find which have disappeared recently from sucking too much yoai cock.

Full of mejic (ill let you figure out what that is) in the world of Grandome ( oh how creative thunder cat) can you guess the species, oh look witches. God is proud of that. He lives in a dorm with his best friend sheko but the TWIST he is possessed by a demon. Oh and here come the other twist this boy is so gorgeous girls fall with lust. And he is full of talent of art ad his friend in the band of awesomeness. I wonder who wants to be in a band and the best artist in the world. Manga is very creative.

Traditional...the only art for me

Feb 09 sisero:"i did like the "water color" effect if gave the hair though, but i dunno. it was pretty upsetting to see just it was to get effects that took me YEARS to master with oil paint and markers." And this is the best you can do? even blurry you can see the use of 14 yr old photoshop

"i decided to color one of my linearts i did while working on my manuscripts and it was pretty fun, but i had alot of "personal" issues with the medium though :( after figuring out how to control the layers etc. i realized that the blender brush i was using took so much of the experience and challenge away = __ = literally, i would click , stroke a bit and "POOF"!!! instant smooth cheek!!!"

Poof she thinks its looks like wine but its really 25 cents fruit punch mix. Where is the poof where is the mejic?

"i don't think i'll be using this medium for an actual illustration any time soon" she says in 2009 March 12 2010

what of this sketch of the mediocre use of coloring in yoai, the text , borders , and color textures in photoshop down to the watermark. Its on your illustration the only digital this traditional saint should use is a scanner.

Never copy and not give credit

Like any rational artist, Sisero doesn't like plagiarism. But unlike any rational artist, Sisero does plagiarize and denies it. Her work is very similar to those How to Draw Manga books made for beginner tweens who don't know a thing about art and find the easy way through manga. This is fine for a 12 yr old but don't water it down through your work Talking about reference there have been incidents of works being stolen one in particular called "fried rice" was referenced from another user.

Which is odd. from her mouth or her journal states "the thing is this wouldn't have bothered me at ALL if i was alteats asked of given credit" Says her. Give credit to stock photo would you , or how to draw manga books. That same artwork was also a copy of photographs.

I can take it

To the point. She can take critiques and the customer is always wrong


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