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If you think the General Discussion is bad enough on Gaia then try going to the Site Feedback. The Site Feedback is where over 9000 weeaboos, oldbies, promies and basement dwellers go to give the admins shit about how Gaia was supposedly 'great' back in the old days and how the site sucks due to the admins 'selling them out'. But most of the time the Site Feedback has threads saying "OMG THE ITEMS ARE SOOOOO KAWAII!!!1!!1!!!!!11" when something new gets put up but at the same time it causes Gaiafags to get seriously butthurt and complain about it (especially about Monthly Collectibles). To put it quite simply, the Site Feedback is a major BAWWWWWWW fest.


At least 1,000,000, of all suggestions on the Site Feedback has Naruto or some other overrated shit animu involved. However thanks to all the Gaiafags complaining no one gives a shit but when someone does it leads to a massive flamewar.


Where millions of Narutards, Kingdomfags, and wapanese fags go to get the admins to break copyright laws. It's also where Gaiafags try to get the admins to give them wings or even actually make the site better, but they don't give a shit.

How to troll the Site Feedback

Trolling the Site Feedback forum is easy. All you need to do is suggest something Gaiafags will find offensive (ex: Longcat, this has backfired and Gaia has made Longcat an item, causing many newfags to BAWWW and raid Gaia in an attempt to be internet super heroes) and post it. Once done await for major lulz. But if you really want to be an asshole then suggest whatever overrated thing (ex: Bleach items) over and over again that the mods would get so fed up that they'll lock any thread on the Site Feedback that mentions it. If lucky enough the threads in the Petitions forum too. Lulz will definately ensue.

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