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A failed attempt at internet disease
Do not want, actually it's a she.. on second thought, do not want.

One of the many faggots that exist on Gaia. You can easily see this due to the fact that she's emo, a camwhore, and that she loves cock. She is, what Gaia loves to call internet popularity, a Prommie. Hopefully, she gets assraped by a bunch of shitting dick nipples, AMIRITE?


The faggot came out of the proverbial non-male closet after deeming they hadn't received enough attention lately, and on August 15th and revealed: she's a GIRL! BIG SHOCKER, GUYZ. Apparently they had been mentally abused by a boyfriend or some shit and felt a need to become a male on the internet. Much attention whoring and crying followed, including the display of a massive 500x500 scene pose photo of the "female" sla and request for gold and donations in their signature. Shortly after, topless photos SLA surfaced, both with and without breasts - much to the horror of many.


On May 6th, 2006, the world got their first glimpse at Sith Lord Ali, when he joined Gaia. It all went downhill from there. He failed in completing the Fat girl angle shot and by doing so, was deemed a homosexual by the realists and king by the GD. He then made high amounts of spam topics and kept doing it over, and over, and over until nobody gave a shit anymore.


Sith Lord Ali enjoys quite a few things, most of which are listed on his Gaia profile. [Warning: COMPLETE FAGGOTRY] They include such highly intelligent and classy activities like:

  • Posting really fucking boring threads in the GD
  • Bitching about how it's better than anyone
  • Boasting it's superiority over any other age-group and calling everyone else disgusting
  • Switching genders
  • Masturbating
  • Ass fucking
  • Camera whoring
  • Namedropping
  • Being a technical virgin
  • Sucking off Niggers
  • Chasing Bears

But, of course, such a wonderful individual such as Sith Lord Ali can even have hates. Like:

If you think about it, what he says probably has some deep, moral meaning that we don't give a shit about.

Tastes in Music

His favorite bands include such horrible, 16 year old girl groups like Death Cab for Cutie, Bright Eyes, and of course, Tatu.

Another failed attempt.

Faggoting: Present and future

Currently, SLA spends his time posting in the GD, and enduring people that bash him for great justice. Future ventures for Sith Lord Ali, as speculated upon for years by experts may include such things as:

Hopefully, this special person will have to face the agony of George Zimmer. May his organs be prolapsed from his body as Zimmer's "Powerful Phalus" rips him in half like a hymen just punctured by a virgin cock. I guarantee it.

An Example of his Faggotry

sith lord ali: hai guys!!!1 im' so emo!!1 ^_________^
Person #1: Who the fuck is this queer?
Person #2: GTFO
sith lord ali: no!!! i wuv yuo all, and i liek wimmins!!
Actual [[Copypasta" Copypasta">copypasta</a> from Gaia: Mon Jul 16, 2007 3:25 pm.
"I ahve to pay $300 for a shoplifting ticket lol
i don't have the money for that~"


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