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Today, I showed my best friend this website, hoping she would finally understand me. Now, she won't stop calling it "Crazy Corner". Sorry for trying to show you how I really feel.


—Accurate summary of the website

Six Billion Secrets is yet another spin-off of websites like Fuck My Life and GivesMeHope. It is the most concentrated source of pure faggotry on the Interbutts. The website is a cesspool of cutters, closeted faggots, raep victims, and pro-anas. They are all massive attention whores because if they actually wanted help for their problems they wouldn't put that shit all over the internet for strangers to read. It serves as a place for spoiled pussies to whine about their stupid problems and wallow in self-pity. Every single person who posts on the site suffers from Special Snowflake syndrome, in that they believe that their problems are unique and everyone should care. In actuality, the only thing of value that can be gained from these stories is a sense of superiority over the pathetic oxygen-wasting meatbags who submit stories to the site, and a great deal of lulz from reading about their idiotic problems.

Everyone has one, what's yours?


—Tagline for the site. This no longer applies because the earth's population is now seven billion people.

To further add to the site's faggotry (although at this point it's kind of like pissing in an ocean of piss), right in the middle of each page is a large ad for some shitty Memebase rip-offs like Memestache and Ragestache (and no, these names are not made up). So not only is Six Billions Secrets the largest source of emo bullshit that you can find, it is also responsible for promoting the cancer that is killing /b/.

Interestingly enough, most of the people who comment on the stories do not blindly white knight the OP. Since normal people realize that complaining about having an eating disorder or whatever will not make it go away, most of the people who comment simply tell the OP that they should just shut the fuck up and actually do something about their problem instead of bitching about it.

How to troll

Unfortunately, most of the people who comment are still too nice to simply tell the OP that they are a huge faggot and that a shotgun mouthwash is the only permanent answer to their problems. This is, of course, where you come in. Kindly remind the OP that while their problems are bad, it's not the end of the world, and life will still go on. Or just call them out for being the blubbering little puss that they are. An alternative is submitting a fake story. Protip: Be sure to include rape in it. This doubles the chance of having it approved by at least 100%, presumably because the mods are a bunch of sick fucks who enjoy fapping to rape fantasies. Although since no one really gives a shit about this website anyway, there's not much of a point.


While the rest of this article may have been somewhat lackluster, the real lulz are to be found here.

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