Six Degrees of Dramatization

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The Six Degrees of Dramatization principle recognizes that sometimes drama comes full circle, creating a meta-drama situation that leads to dramouting and the kind of lulz that can only come from sheer disbelief.


teamnoir and the case of the kinky aspie

  1. In April 2004, the aspie article on ED links to this thread in the Lj-favicon.png maledom community.
  2. The thread contains comments and a self-diagnosis from teamnoir.
  3. July 2006, more than 2 years later, teamnoir posts in the Lj-favicon.png nlp community posing the theory that the inventors of nlp were aspies.
  4. The fat cunt girlvinyl links him to the ED article on Asperger's syndrome -- taking the idiocy full circle in a kind of karmic drama pwn.

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