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DoOd LiKe ChEcK oUt ThIs SiCk KiCkFlIp!!!!!

sk8ter is the hardcore way for 13 year old boys who are skateboarders to define themselves on the internets. They can typically be seen on crappy flash websites like Newgrounds or AlbinoBlackSheep.

Sk8ters On Teh Internets

Skater attempting a trick. This is called a sacktap.

Surprisingly, quite a few sk8ters tend to wander into the Internets. With the ever-growing popularity of high speed internet, more and more sk8ters have started to discover the glorious world where anything can be said and no one can hurt you. Unlike that other world, where, come on, man, don't confiscate my board! You have any idea how much semen I had to donate to get that?! PIG!

Websites that appeal to sk8ters are the kind that like to pretend to be hardcore, but at the end of the day, try to look as good and SFW as possible, whereas sk8ters outside your house will totally fuck your shit, yo.

Sk8ters On Politics

Sk8ter attempting a trick. This one's called an ollie.

Every now and then, you'll see a sk8ter trying to give his input on politics. Unfortunately for them and everyone around them, they don't know anything about politics and the only thing that they can spurt out is "bush sux". These kinds of idiots are worse than regular trolls, so if you see one fucking up a discussion, don't bother arguing with it, it will only call you a fag every time, and in the end, nothing gets accomplished. Slightly less dumbshit sk8ters will be able to regurgitate something they read on the Rage Against the Machine website, but argument is still discouraged, unless of course you like watching a sk8ter head explode into over 9000 pieces.

Sk8ers and West 49

Sk8er fag posers will often wander into West 49 and fail at trying to act cool, you cannot be cool at West 49. They are nothing more than a clothes retailer that ACTUALLY sells skateboards. Although no good sk8er would ever buy a piece of wood with wheels at West 49 for 300 bucks, this helps them with their image as a 'Sk8 Fag Store.' You'll also notice the vast majority of West 49 shoppers don't actually sk8, but will instead shop there to make it seem as though they do, to look cool, but you cant be cool at West 49.

Sk8ters IRL

IRL sk8ters can usually be seen at the skate-park doing that one thing where they try to jump and at the same time flip the board thing once over in the air and then land on it while its got its wheels on the ground--you know what I'm talking about. It never works. They like to bring their camcorders that their parents bought them (even though their parents are like totally nazis, I mean, they totally grounded me because I got a D- in Home Ec... er... I mean, Accountin--wait, no, Math. That's it. Math. What a couple of cunts!), or playing Tony Hawk games, because he seems to be able to do that one trick. Occasionally they can be seen outside the skate-park, normally with a bottle of cheap booze in a brown paper bag, mouthing off to people and running away from them if they respond.

Do they do Tricks or Stunts?

<video type="metacafe" id="575522/skater_breaks_arm" height="425" frame="true" position="center"/>

No sk8ter has ever successfully completed any trick. Seriously. The next time you see a group of 'em, just stick around. Watch them try to flip the sk8teboard, then land on it. It will never work. Videos and games showing tricks are as fictional as videos and games showing dragons and lasers.

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