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He is basically your typical furry.

Kiliankray (also known by the nickname of “Skrat”) is a 23-year-old furry/wolfaboo who is most noted for drawing extremely original art pieces involving his kangaroo/wolf monstrosity, and throwing bitchfits when people don’t fap to his glorious dance routines. He is currently whoring himself out to the furry fandom by selling high quality overpriced fursuits which have been notorious for creeping out little children on the streets.

Despite the fact that he has never won a dance competition in the famous Anthrocon gatherings (infact, he doesn't even rank last, he is THAT bad) Skrat has already elected himself as the God of Dance, and will proceed to throw a massive hissy fit if you even dare to critique his amazing skills.

Skrat is notorious for having the attitude of a 9 year old kiddie because the Internet is SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS.

Mangusu Drama

Even Mangusu saw it and flipped a bitch.

See the best way to troll Skrat is to tell him he is a ripoff. DO IT! YOULL HAVE LOADS OF FUN! (Remember he pisses on everyone who doesn’t give him the necessary amount of asspats to stroke his massive ego though. )

Even though he can't stand people picking off 'little things' from his amazing dance choreography, art, or fursuits, he's been busted stealing Mangusu’s design. When first addressed the issue on a public dance competition video, he claimed he had Skrat’s design for over 9 years, and while he was at it, showed everyone his amazing typing skills.

Skrat, in an attempt to first cover up his act.

In an older video however, we find the ugly truth, and he not only wishes to steal his design, but also his moves.


Skrat then publicly admits copying Mangusu's design to get people's feedback and possible asspat.

I'm basically desperate for attention


The main problem with this retarded furfag is that he assumes that everyone thinks he's the best dancer ever. This kind of attitude has rendered he’s completely unable to take critiques. Every time anyone is seen giving him a minor critique you can expect Skrat to either ignore them, hide behind excuses, or try and state obnoxiously that he knows dancing better than anyone else, and yet he is seen licking the balls of Mangusu and blatantly ripping him off.

If more than one person exposes him for the egotistical asshole he is, he will write a journal throwing whine fests about how wrong they are and how they can never understand how difficult it is to be him.

To further push him down the spiral of artistic failure, the only times he does acknowledge a critique and/or suggestion is when it comes from one of his idols (aka Mangusu), again proving he lives on nothing but attention- whoring. Great job.

See heres the thing. lol I dont see you going up there and trying. and what ifound out i got 4th or 5th place someone told me out of 20 people so thats pritty good. you shuldent really bash people on there danceing or what they do. you wouldent like it so y do it to others u know?”




Skrat’s head is so far shoved up his own ass, he won’t realize his dance consists of nothing but your generic robot moves along with Skrillex remixes. Skrat has no originality and will perform the same shitty moves with the same shitty dubstep everytime because dubstep is cool.

Skrat is as salty as ever. Despite his thoughts that the MFF dance contests were judged unfairly just about everybody on his friends list that hasn't escaped the perilous treachery of being deleted off of his friends list out of frustration disagreed. A lot of the counter point seemed to be that the winners were only winning because they were popular. Or could it be that they're popular because they're good dancers? "Dear Midwest Furfest Staff....... Can You please get judges for the dance competition. That are actually judging for the dancing please and not popularity. Its a Dance contest not a popularity contest....."

Furry Porn

If you are fortunate or brave enough to look at his art, you'll notice that among other irregularities, such as shitty anatomy and no use of color theory, he is very much into inflation. But we don't blame it on him this time. We blame it on all the furry retards who give him asspats, supporting the wrong cause of a mentally unstable furry. Way to go giving furries a worse reputation!

Have a quick look at these majestic pieces and be ready to have your balls blown.

How to troll Skrat

  • Tell him he has shitty grammar
  • Ask him how he came up with his character and compare him to Mangusu
  • Make sure you remind him how shit he is at dancing
  • If he posts a journal on Furaffinity, be sure to tell him how much furfags everywhere hate him
  • Ask him why he faked his death
  • Tell him his boyfriend is fat
  • Say his fursuits suck
  • PROFIT!!!


How Skrat treats his watchers

Notice how he puts himself right at the beginning! Way to prove your massive ego could drown the fuckin' Titanic! The journal is a drama fest!

Skrat believes he is the single most popular and unique dancer in the entire furry fandom, and being popular is just so hard guys. He doesn't realize half of the attention he gets are from haters and trolls who actually know this guy has the attitude of a retard monkey who thinks his shit smells like flowers, and anybody who isn't a dancer and dares critique his art is an inferior douche who deserves to burn in Hell.

I'm so popufur!

Now first off this isent about me. I'm not saying I'm popular so don't get that idea.

But I notice with popular people. They become dicks and act like there better then everyone. Um this is me just thinking so don't think I'm trying to do drama or anything. But more people that are more known in the fandom wont make time for the people that care for that person. I'm no ones fan boy. But i see how the fandom is turning out. A lot of it is with drama or really fucked up people. Or people being ripped off by one another. Guy this isent how the furry fandom should be. We should all help one another out.


Skrat is also a hypocrite!


Besides fapping to furry porn and wolf fat, Skrat spends his time posting videos of himself in his fursuit going around doing shit nobody cares about like causing trouble at Wal-Mart and other various stores, and eventually getting kicked out for creeping on little children and destroying the property, all this to get the attention he so desperately craves.


He will also occasionally post himself doing one of his retarded dance routines then bitch that the video got 2 dislikes.

Skrat replying to himself.Smart!

Notice how he replied to himself using his old youtube account. He is truly a genius to be admired. We have no idea why he would even bash himself in a video, but at least we know he acknowledges the truth about his horrifying dancing. And after all of the "respectful" videos he's made about being at Wal-Mart he seems so proud of getting kicked out. "LAWLS i was the first person ever to get kicked out of the new super walmart in mchenry. and the fastest time too 1 seconds i was in fursuit LOL" (facebook)

Fur meets

Skrat runs a highly unsuccessful fur group known as McHenry County Fur Meet (MCFM). They have poorly planned and irregular meetings, a lot of which involves Skrat as the center of attention. While there is nothing wrong with making a group basically revolving around yourself, it is still a moderate level of attention whoring. He puts in highly unnecessary planning tactics such as the following: "im going to try something different. i want you guys to think of a idea of were you want a fursuit meet at. make it a pull option and then will vote for the best one. when we vote for it. you CANT vote for your own option you have to vote for someone else s. and then will see if that idea is possible to do. for the next 2 days come up with your idea and post it as a pull option and then Sunday will make it for voting then Wednesday of next week will set that meet up for that Friday." He has also made a point to delete people from the group that have not been able to make it to any of the meets that have all been around for maybe a couple of months regardless of work, school, being temporarily out of the country, and whatnot.

Trolled by CraftyFaggy

One incident of butthurt occurred when he decided to have a noble and self righteous response to some BAD furries and was inspired to create a group on facebook called "Stop the furry fandom from going down hill." (beeleeted) Blaming murrsuiters and zoophiles for how bad the fandom is, even though he is both a zoophile and murrsuiter himself and should really look in a mirror.

One such furfag responded to this white knight faggotry with the unfunny video linked here


Afterwords skrat declared the destruction of craftyfaggy as if he was some world wide celebrity and vowed to turn all of his friends against him, because getting angry and spreading false rumors about someone is a real good way to make sure that someone hardly anyone knows remains that way.


Last thursday, Skrat decided to leave the fandom. I guess he finally realized nobody gives a flying fuck about him nor his dancing. The following is a quote from one of his many journals of him bawwing about how he is going to leave the fandom for the 50 millionth time.

this will be the last journal ill be making... i just want to let everyone know im leaving the fandom.

after 10 years and saw how this fandom became. it just tore me apart inside not as a furry but as a person.

i just wanna say thanks to all my friends and people who inspired me and everything.

but i will not come back till people learn there ways. ive figured out y ive been a dick. and its the stress with people and how everyone treats one another. and i dont wanna be like others. so im sorry guys but ive made up my mind and i think its for the best. skrat will still be mine and always will be. and ill still talk to my friends. but yea......


Baww leaving you guys suck!

Posted on January this year. I don’t know Skrat, we still see you posting your crappy dance routines on youtube 24/7 and being active on Furaffinity. He’s also a pretty good liar!

Making Money Off The Dead (or at least tried to)

On February 19th, 2013, Skrat uploaded a video about recently killed Tim McCormick (aka Lemonade Coyote). In the video, despite the fact that this fucker is too poor for a decent microphone let alone a headset, he puts on a destressed out-of-words look, with a backdrop of what one would assume is his bedroom filled with fursuits and other stuff he probably scammed to obtain.

(The video has since been removed.)

He talks about making t-shirts and even decides to post a journal about the idea. Things quickly went downhill when the target funding is about the amount that he could potentially get a fursuit for. A lot of furries quickly got butthurt about the amount he was asking for and quickly shot him down, with a war of over 9000 furries bawwing at him. It is truly one of the lulziest things to ever happen to a so-called popufur. He often lies and cuts up conversations in order to make people that don't like him look bad. He continues to support the harassment of the other fur that he claims started a lot of drama. "So anyone that wants to know. The person behind the lemonade stuff on omegle. The Knoxxy guy is Actually Jinx Cole. He sent me his FA and everything on omegle. I pretended to be a person who also didnt like skrat. so it got him to open up about who he really was. Ive had problems with this guy in the past. and told me why he didnt like me and he said Exactly what he said when me and him were fighting on FB. I also got the chat log and what he said.

Stranger: is it just rika?

You: yup

You: whats your FA?


Stranger: So, who is that guy you thought I was?

You: Oh i know you

Stranger: From?

Stranger: I'm stuck in Japan right now.

You: its cool you got a fursuit

You: thats cool

You: you got a cam?

Stranger: No, only this fake one.

You: thanks jinx

Stranger: What'd I do?" (Facebook)


Skrat has a fondness for putting his drama in the open where everybody can see it. Word for out of context word. "If people actually look into this. Actually did what snuggle bunny did. If any fur has any fucking intelligence what so ever. Then they will see its not me doing this. Also if im going out in to public like fur cons and all that. You think I would be that stupid to do dumb thing were I can get hurt or something? Cause honestly one I never profit off of Tims death and if you believe I did well go suck a fucking fat chad. 2 I never did faked my death and didn't know how to prove it. Cause im not that good with computers. So Snuggle Bunny helped me out cause hes good with investigation work. Also if people with the right common knowledge. I never got beat up at FWA. I was ether fursuiting drinking or went swimming in there tiny ass pool. Or out side smoking with everyone else. Honestly I didn't even know there was a memorial going on for him. All you stuck up pieces of shit. If you cared so much for tim. Not one of you would be bitching and actually trying to find your info and make sure its 150% right. before you go and try to bash someone. But also its the furry fandom it show how stupid a lot of you can be. The reason why im bitching is cause i got a reason. Cause a lot of you bother me on FB when im at work or when im trying to work on commissions. I bitch at people cause there cheating on there mate and I know for a fucking fact that's not right. Ive done more for the fucking community I live in then I bet half of you done in your lives. So you want to bitch and moan at someone go find someone that's actually doing shit instead of bitching at someone in the blame game. Yea I just fucking went there. im not pissed off but I am making a fucking point." (Facebook)

Here is the reposted journal. We're all pretty sure that if Skrat hadn't been b& from Furaffinity, he would have deleted all of his journals in a RAEG AND LEFT THE FANDUMB FUREVAR.

Skrat has since been unb& from Furaffinity and has created more lulz in the process. He deleted all of his journals and created more lulz by trying to fake his death (see below).

Faked Death

On March 23rd, 2013, it was posted on the furfag imageboard that he had apparently been run over by a car out the IHOP where he worked. Of course this was a ruse made by Skrat to get more attention, as he claims it never happened. A leaked Skype screenshot of him admitting that he had a friend say he was dead to get more page views and become a popular fur. After being found out he went on to claim his Skype had been hacked.

throwing a bitchfit for money

Skrat commissioned a new fursuit, but failed to realize that he needed all of the money in order to receive the whole suit. So, Skrat decided to do what he does best, throw a bitch-fit and beg for money.

Skratfailagain copy.jpg

Begging For Money "For Animals"

Of course he puts himself in the center of the picture.

Skrat once again tried to set up a "charity". This time for Helping Paws Animal Shelter. The rave in question was to haveno drugs or alcohol, and smoking was to be done outside. But when he realized that no one in their right mind will give him money he went on to bitch about it several times. Of course he deleted the journals about them, and he tried to put it on facebook. When he didn't receive the amount of asspats he wanted, he tried to gain even more money by adding a raffle. As to what said raffle was for, he never said, but knowing him it probably was going to go toward the shelter and not his wallet at all.

On March 29th, Skrat showed his true colors in a journal called "This Is Sad". He then went on to bitch about furries not giving his raffle money. He went on to rage about people spending money on fursuits, cons, and bullshit. During said journal, other furries brought up the fact that food, water, and other necessities needed to be taken care of first. When told about how not everyone lives with their parents and can spend every cent on furry stuff, he deleted it. However, the internet never forgets and it can be seen here.

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