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Encyclopedia Dramatica, and in particular butthurt Wikipedia-rejects janus zeal and Drunkenlazybastard, are all anti-Skub. 711chan is anti-Skub.


7chan is pro-Skub.

4chan doesn't know what Skub is, because 4chan is riddled with cancer.


  • Skub saved your dad's ass in 'nam
  • Skub will cause your penis to grow 3 inches
  • Skub will kill your brother
  • Skub will get you laid
  • Skub freed Willy
  • Skub will save your F5 key
  • Skub caused the California Fires
  • Skub tastes like delicious caek.
  • Skub can be applied to the infected area daily
  • Skub will suck your cock. For free.


  • Skub will save your marriage
  • Skub will kill your TV
  • Skub is proven to cause erectile dysfunction in 80% of cases
  • Skub started 'nam
  • Skub killed your father and raped your mother.
  • Skub causes cancer in laboratory rats.
  • Skub will also suck everyone else's cock. For free.
Making shitloads of money is one of skub's many benefits.