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[11:40] <GHLP> I left a thing on your talk page.
[11:40] <Challenger> yeah i just responded
[11:40] <Challenger> probably best to work up a version in your userspace
[11:40] <Challenger> rather than wrestle the bopt
[11:40] <Challenger> bot
[11:40] <GHLP> Yeah fair enough.
[11:41] <Challenger> but yes, that is tl;dr
[11:41] <GHLP> But I mean that article is so shitty and contradicts itself, it honestly shouldn't even be deleted.
[11:41] <GHLP> should*
[11:41] <GHLP> It was written by someone butthurt, about someone butthurt.
[11:41] <Challenger> that's what happens when edit wars go on and on and..
[11:41] <GHLP> It's just like, wat.
[11:41] <Challenger> there is a ton of that lying around
[11:42] <GHLP> And it's been reverted so many times to include dox when someone specifically said on the talk page not to drop dox.
[11:42] <GHLP> I think WM did
[11:42] <Challenger> yeah i'm checking the history now
[11:43] <GHLP> Plus this was back when Skuee was like... 16. 2007. And they were dropping dox on that page then.
[11:45] <Challenger>
[11:45] <Challenger> amazingly, he's still active
[11:45] <GHLP> And honestly I don't think I can make that kinda bullshit even flow with me rewriting it.
[11:46] <GHLP> Hah.
[11:46] <Challenger> talk to him about it.  i honestly don't see it being deleted
[11:46] <Challenger> but it can certainly be cleaned up
[11:47] <GHLP> Kinda no talking to the dude, I've tried before.
[11:47] <GHLP> He's pretty solid on trying to ruin Skuee's life.
[11:50] <GHLP> IDK, just seems like an attack article moreso than a satire one, he even admitted it in the talk page.
[11:51] <GHLP> "vidda, suck a cock. the idea is not technicly to be funny, the article was to piss of skuee and expose him to the internet at large, which in turn would result in his acting like a fag and trying to blank the page and in turn get banned, which is exactly what happend. skuee hates being called a homosexual, so you should call him one as much as possible."
[11:51] <GHLP> Pretty much right there.
[11:51] <Challenger> well, we archive internets drama
[11:51] <Challenger> which this clearly is
[11:52] <Challenger> but if you want to, take it up with a senior sysop, like ODB or Sheneequa
[11:52] <GHLP> It's not the fact that I don't want to, it's the fact that I don't really wanna bother with it, probably because it would get nowhere.
[11:52] <Challenger> stranger things have happened
[11:53] <GHLP> I do think his dox shouldn't be posted up publically though. First and last name included.
[11:53] <Challenger> article's had almost 40k views since we turned the counters back on
[11:53] <Challenger> meh
[11:53] <Challenger> the dox policy is dynamic
[11:54] <GHLP> Explain.
[11:54] <Challenger> i just did
[11:54] <GHLP> oh. :p
[11:54] <Challenger> ;)
[11:54] <GHLP> lemme go find it then.
[11:54] <Challenger> besides, anyone can go into the history and dig it up
[11:54] <Challenger> theburk shouldn't have been surprised that dox got onto the page
[11:54] <GHLP> yeah.
[11:54] <GHLP> but if you search "Matt Gilmore" it's the 3rd result on Google.
[11:54] <Challenger> seems like he had a bit of the troll's remorse
[11:54] <Challenger> nice
[11:55] <Challenger> too bad he doesn't work for Lyor Cohen
[11:55] <Challenger> or blow the fags at google
[11:55] <GHLP> lol
[11:58] <GHLP> Oh well, I guess I could try and get it pointed out to ODB or someone else.
[11:58] <GHLP> It's just like... the article's not even that funny. It's just drama, but unfunny drama.
[12:00] <Challenger> oops
[12:00] <GHLP> ?
[12:01] <Challenger> looks like DCY has answered
[12:01] <Challenger> 15:58 	(Molestation log)? . . [DCY?; Challenger? (2×)]
[12:01] <Challenger>                	15:58 . . DCY (Talk | Contribs | Ræp) ræped GHLP (Talk | Contribs) with an expiry time of 1 year (account creation disabled) ({{unwelcome}}: still butthurt I see)
[12:01] <GHLP> wat
[12:03] <GHLP> Where's that at, I just checked contributions and didn't see it.
[12:03] <Challenger> it's in the molestation log
[12:04] <GHLP> Ah.
[12:05] <GHLP> Yep, still don't see it. I checked everywhere I can think of. link?
[12:05] <Challenger> it's also in recent changes
[12:06] <GHLP> ah
[12:07] <GHLP> yeah i see it now.
[12:07] <GHLP> eh, whatever.
[12:07] <Challenger> lol
[12:07] <Challenger> don't worry, i'll add this to the article
[12:07] <GHLP> I don't even know what's with the 'still butthurt, i see' comment.
[12:07] <Challenger> so there's some new content for your fans
[12:07] <GHLP> ?
[12:08] <GHLP> What exactly are you talking about?
[12:09] <Challenger> let me put it this way..
[12:09] <Challenger> why are YOU so concerned about this particular article
[12:09] <Challenger> if you aren't the actual subject of said article
[12:09] <GHLP> Because I hate when I see articles lined up with insults.
[12:09] <Challenger> LOL
[12:09] <GHLP> And not actual lulz.
[12:09] <Challenger> then you are on the wrong site
[12:09] <GHLP> What site should I be on for actual lulz then?
[12:10] <Challenger> uncyclopedia seems more your speed
[12:10] <GHLP> Too bad it sucks.
[12:11] <Challenger> i don't know what to tell you, Matt
[12:11] <GHLP> ?
[12:11] <GHLP> Wait, you think I'm Skuee?
[12:11] <Challenger> *gasp*
[12:12] <GHLP> Fuck no.
[12:13] <Challenger> why else would you be so obsessed over an article?
[12:13] <GHLP> Like I explained, I hate shitty writing.
[12:13] <Challenger> there are nearly 10k articles on site
[12:13] <Challenger> half of them written by complete mongoloids
[12:13] <GHLP> That article in particular got shittier afte rht eifrst wave of drama.
[12:13] <GHLP> after the first wave*.
[12:14] <GHLP> You can't lie to me and say that's not terrible writing on all of the editor's parts.
[12:14] <Challenger> and you can't lie to me and say you're not skueeeeeee
[12:14] <GHLP> Could have sworn I saw his IP on there at one point.
[12:14] <GHLP> My IP doesn't start with 12.
[12:14] <Challenger> fuck yes, because ip's don't change
[12:15] <Challenger> IP'S ARE FOREVER
[12:15] <Challenger> and they are also a girl's best friend
[12:15] <Challenger> gtfo
[12:15] <GHLP> Most keep around the same.
[12:15] <GHLP> I think DCY is talking about another user page I had a year ago, trying to do the same thing I'm doing now: making it better.
[12:16] <GHLP> Trying being the key word there.
[12:16] <Challenger> you must think i'm a fucking retard
[12:16] <GHLP> Never said that.
[12:17] <Challenger> it's implied in the shittiness of your arguments
[12:17] <Challenger> god damn.. 
[12:17] <GHLP> But like you said, half the people on ED that wrote articles are mongoloids, as you put it.
[12:17] <Challenger> yeah, so go obsess on those instead
[12:17] <GHLP> So if you're not, others are.
[12:17] <Challenger> if, you are not, as you claim, Matt the massive faggot
[12:17] <GHLP> I'm not.
[12:18] <Challenger> ok, well, clean up the other 5k articles that need it and then we can revisit this one
[12:18] <GHLP> Can't really clean up if I'm b& for a unexplained reason.
[12:19] <Challenger> take it up with DCY.  she explained it
[12:19] <GHLP> K.
[12:19] <GHLP> Later.

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