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Smartypantsnyc admits to deleting posts. Drama ensues!

smartypantsnyc: I really don't give flying fuck what Jameth thinks
blahthequah: i dont think he gives a flying fuck what you think
smartypantsnyc: it's just interesting how whenever I question your infinite wisdom suddenly jameth shows up if I were paranoid I might think there's something to that
blahthequah: thats because jameth is everywhere
smartypantsnyc: isn't that enough?
blahthequah: so Jameth replied to one comment and you flip out?
smartypantsnyc: yeah that's what it is
blahthequah: get over it
smartypantsnyc: it couldn't be the fact that he never responds to me ever except on your posts and controversial ones at that
blahthequah: well he is an IRL friend
smartypantsnyc: or the fact that you brag all about how he's like your RL good buddy.
blahthequah: Because he is really a friend
smartypantsnyc: so since I've never met you IRL its okay for your internet buddy to harass me online? that's really cool
blahthequah: Im not harassing you all he said was "lol"
smartypantsnyc: how friendly of him!
blahthequah: so let me get this straight so you're being a hypocrite that's what so
blahthequah: you are upset because jameth lolled at you
smartypantsnyc: I don't give a shit about that
blahthequah: what the fuck is this about but I expect better of you blahthequah: i cant control what jameth does. i didnt tell him to comment
smartypantsnyc: and if he's SUCH a good friend of yours he should know that he should know what
blahthequah: im so confused what he did wrong
smartypantsnyc: whatever it is you think of me
blahthequah: acting on his own, he saw your comment and lolled
smartypantsnyc: I think he does actually
blahthequah: know what? that doesnt make any sense.
smartypantsnyc: you should defend him because he was harassing me
blahthequah: what. What is ridiculous. I cant control someone on the internets who doesnt even live in the same city anymore
smartypantsnyc: the fact that he needs to say "lol" to like five of my comments without provocation is something in itself since I have never had any interaction with him AT ALL
blahthequah: no you responded to his comment that was your fault
smartypantsnyc: HE RESPONDED FIRST FUCK YOU are you so retarded? that you can't figure out instigator from instigated? FAULT? you have problems
blahthequah: this is stupid. all he did was lol to your comment. thats all he did. he has responded only one other time to one of your comments. that all he is has ever done. that is not harassment. he didnt threaten you, or stalk you or call you a name. no, all he did was lol at your comment. if you cant handle an lol you shouldn’t be online
smartypantsnyc: you know what? you're a really fucking shitty person and I'm over it

Have you ever known someone totally fabulous? Like, the kind of person who would have fit right in at the old Studio 54 nightclub, and been invited to have drinks with Bianca Jagger there? (Or Amanda LePore in this day and age.) No? Few have. Now imagine if this person not only had a LiveJournal, but also furiously moderated a community for gay teens. And this person was, by their own admission, in their early thirties.

Yeah, meet smartypantsnyc. The alleged "unmoderator" of the new_gay_boys community (a cheap and pale imitator of the original den of inquity and shallowness that was gay_boys) has a creepy habit of hitting on the teens who post there. Most of them are pretty good about it. But every now and then he goes a little power-mad and starts deleting posts and banning members. This is odd behavior for a community that brags "No posts will be deleted by the moderators. Not even posts made by trolls. If you can't laugh at the trolls, then you are lame and we don't want you in our community anyways" right on its user info page.

One would be tempted to comment on the insecurity of a moderator who claims to be hands-off but deletes posts that annoy him. Then again, one would also wonder about the alleged fabulousness of a man who cannot stop obsessing over LiveJournal in spite of his OMG FABULOUS lifestyle of clubbing it up in Manhattan. One would be tempted to conclude that he is actually an unemployed shoe salesman in Hoboken with a thing for twinks and bad taste in music. But any post speculating such would be deleted immediately from the community moderated by our fabulous smartypants.