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This negro is pleased to have won at Snap.

Snap is a popular children's card game in which the object is to win all the cards.

In the game the entire pack of cards is dealt out among the players. Play proceeds with the players taking it in turns to place a card in a central pile. If two cards placed consecutively on the pile are identical (or, if a conventional pack of cards is used, are of the same number) then the first player to shout "Snap!" and place his hand on the top of the central pile wins all the cards in the pile. Players are eliminated if they lose all their cards. A winner is the person who accumulates the entire pack.

The game is often one of the first card games to be taught to children and is often played with special packs of cards featuring popular children's characters from television programmes or recent films. For older children more complex packs exist, where the differences between cards are more subtle and penalties exist for falsely calling Snap.

Literal "aww snap"


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