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A catalog of lulz and pathetic as provided by Snapesnogger and all her mindless retarded followers in her chatroom on DeviantART. Feel free to add your own Snogger chat lulz!


After the mentor incident, Snapesnogger retreated to her chatroom for some good ol' fashioned hugboxing.

Snapesnoggercrap0.JPG Snapesnoggercrap1.JPG Snapesnoggercrap2.JPG Snapesnoggercrap3.JPG


Recently, a known /b/tard went into the chat to mindfuck her and her fans with the latest Harry Potter spoilers, specifically that of Snape's death.

Observe as everyone proceeds to shit themselves and/or whine about spoiler warnings!


how do i hypocrited self lol?

A typical night in Snapesnogger's chatroom, complete with ass-sucking fans, hugboxing, and Snogger quoting some retarded Fergie song with the capslock on.

Chat lulz 17-17-07 01.jpg Chat lulz 17-17-07 02.jpg Chat lulz 17-17-07 03.jpg