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Oh come on, this was just begging for trouble.
Moar info: Snapesnogger.

Now and again Encyclopedia Dramatica comes across a lolcow of such epic proportions that one page alone is not enough to contain their faggotry. Snapesnogger is such an example.

Newfag trolls could learn by examining this case study on the mind of a lolcow a.k.a. Drama llama in order to learn how to cope with herd mentality and achieve lulz. It should be noted that lolcows can become dangerous over time as they slowly (so very slowly) learn the methods of their predators. Any new and unusual cases involving this rare breed of whale should be posted here - because the Snapesnogger page is ready to burst.

Snapesnogger Listened to Art Critique!?

On November 25, 2007, Deviantart-favicon.png Zelda164 decided to troll Snogger's deviantART page. However, this troll would be very different from the trolls Snapesnogger was used to. It all started with an honest critique of her artwork:

Hey. I was searching for some Harry Potter artwork, and on my search for Snape, I cam across your artwork. I must say, your artwork is very cute. However, looking at your artwork from 2004 and comparing it to your work from now, I have to say I don't see much change. No offense, but I don't like it when people draw the same way for years and years with little improvement. I see your potential as a great artist, but there is room for improvement. My advice is that you start trying to draw new styles. Try cubism, try impressionism, try realism. Who knows? Maybe you are really good in those styles. You're a good manga artist, but if you want to be better, you're going to have to try and draw new styles. It's not that I don't like your art, it's just that manga gets boring after a while. Sometimes people want more than that. If you want more fans outside of DA, you're going to have to.


—Zelda164, telling the truth

This was followed by Deviantart-favicon.png RedCrayonAristocrat agreeing with the statement.

Normally, a person with common sense would listen to someone's criticism, especially if TWO PEOPLE CAME TO THE SAME CONCLUSION. But Snapesnogger, being the psycho bitch she is, responed:

well the most important thing now is i know i have improved. so i dont really understand where you are coming from :/ bye.


—Snapesnogger, being her egotisitcal self.

Snapesnogger then hid Zelda164's comment, because she thought she could hide the truth. However,

Excuse me, I was just offering critique. And I said "I don't see much of a change." I didn't say you haven't improved, you HAVE, just not that much. What's the problem?


—Zelda164, responding to Snapesnogger's faggotry

Apparently, everything's the problem:

i think ive improved alot, and not in the sense of an ego, but for crying out loud! jus cos i dont actually enjoy drawing realism, means that i havent improved? get off my back please?


—Snapesnogger, showing off her leet grammer skillz

Zelda164 fired back:

I never stated that not enjoying realism means you haven't improved. I'm just saying if you would try more styles, you would be more popular on places outside deviantART.


—Zelda164 showing his leet grammar skills.

Snapesnogger, being out of ways to fight back, began to lie:

i have been trying new styles. jus cos you cant see it doesnt mean i havent been. anyway, i dont want to be in a bad mood...


—Snapesnogger, lying through her teeth

Well where are they, then? Why won't you show them to us? Are you so egotistical that you won't show us that you CAN do different styles?


—Zelda164, heating things up

Snapesnogger began to hide everyone's comments again, thinking she could win. That's when Zelda164 delivered what he thought would be the final nail in Snigger's coffin:

You bitch. You've proved everything your ED article says: your a whiny shit who curls up into a ball whenever someone tells you that you need improvement. Too bad I'm a troll, or I wouldn't have had the balls to screencap these events. These will be put on ED, providing even more proof of who you really are. You cause all the drama to levitate toward you then you blame other people. You shit all over your fans, but they keep crawling back to kiss your ass because they don't know any better. Do us a favor and get off the internet, it would save us the trouble of having to hear from a whiny diva.


—Zelda164, winning

Snapesnogger responded with:

so fucking what. immature little asswipe. do us all a favour and stop being alive.


—Snapesnogger, out of ideas

And so, just to prove how mature she really is, Snapesnogger hid Deviantart-favicon.png Zelda164's, Deviantart-favicon.png RedCrayonAristocrat's and Deviantart-favicon.png Decieving's comments, and blocked them all. Well done, boys, we salute you.

Snapesnigger thinks she can hide the comments to hide the truth, but its a fruitless effort when there are screencaps!

Afterward, RedCrayonAristocrat had this to say:

Alright! You're my new heroe! When I first joined here, i thought she was a really great person. Then I read ED. I wanted to see it for myself. Turned out to be true. ED opened my eyes.


—RedCrayonAristocrat, thanking Zelda164 and ED

What a whiny bitch!

Personal issue?

After Snogger hid EVERYTHING on her OwlGem DA page, everyone went batshit insane and started telling her why she was a coward fucktard. Using the power of 'benign' trolling, D45 dug up a little dirt on Gemma. All of D45's comments on her page were baleeted, figures.

yeh im prolly a bit sad noting you regarding your comment

but i wanted to clear something up

i did not remove my gallery for attentions sake. and i didnt want to mention in my journal why i put it in storage and why i am taking a leave of absence from DA in the first place, but it is a personnal issue nobody else knows about and i'd rather not tell people publicly. its an issue that has made me not want to have my work displayed on DA for now. sure i'll come back prolly soonish. but its really not something im doing for dramas sake. i hope you can be open enough to listen to this, also please do not spread this around. i just dont want people thinking im a total bitch for taking the gallery down for personnal reasons. does that make much sense?


—OwlGem sent the message

D45, seeing an opportunity to lull Gemma into a sense of security, replied with a "OMG THAT'S HORRIBLE! :C"

Yes, it does make sense. Thank you for clarifying, and you wouldn't be deemed a total bitch for taking your gallery down, at least I don't think you would. Are you dealing with art theft or something? And I won't spread this around, I'm a person of trust, although I may not seem like it.


—D45 did it for the lulz

OwlGem repplied with:

its something to do with my friends in conjunction with my art thats led me to feel rather horrible atm :C


—Right now she's eating a gallon of ice cream

R--really? I'm sorry to hear that...honestly, it must be a long story in order for you to put all of your at in storage. Hope you get better.


—D45 had a gun to their head whilst replying to OwlGem

its ok man, i knew alot of people wouldnt understand cos ive only told those who are close to me, i know ED would prolly have a field day if they knew what really happened heh



Unfortunately, no more could be dug out of OwlGem.

Troll Artwork

Here we hope to collect some lulzworthy Snapesnogger hate and parody art (most of which is probably by Zeriara) and post it here -- mainly so we can giggle immaturely at it, then flood her page with them. If you find any more Snogger haet or parody art -- or have made your own -- upload that shit and add it to the gallery!

Special Lesbian Edition!

Anyone who has followed Snoogler drama long enough knows well the standing rivalry between her and fellow internet dramawhore, Zeriara. The truth of the matter is that they are so much alike in terms of faggotry, drama/attention whoring, and lame-ass art that it's obvious they were made for each other. Behold the testament to their everlasting love!


Snogger EDits?


After these snowcrashing events, Snogger finally decided to take her fate in her own fat hands. Mysteriously, in sheer minutes, in the link list of this article the link to her new RavingG account disappears! What can it be - another act in the editing war, or the furry lesbian fucktard or her fans made an astonishingly smart attempt to fuck with the article?

UPDATE!! Recent news indicates that one of raperogger's sheep bitches, it appears that Little-Miss Ladyhellfyre, has been behind the mysterious EDits on this page! Certainly a courageous young woman isn't she?


So...Ladyhellfyre is moar than one person now? Sad thing is, LADYHELLFYRE HAS BETTER CRAP IN HER GALLERY TEHN SNOGGY. Why did she bother? Who TEH hell knows.

And if Ladyhellfyre wishes to meet us in real life, then give us your address.

Snapesnogger on 4chan

It has been reported that Snapesnogger has been seen on 4chan's oekaki board. Go there and bring the lulz or stay the fuck away.

Sighting confirmed of this whale June 2nd 2008. Even Captain Ahab would wish pity on Anonymous' souls.

Note To Wannabe Trollers

The two bunny suited dyke freinds will reverse troll anyone attempting to troll S-nigger. The longest "reverse trolling" (which basically amounts to "wittily" responding to any criticism of S-nigger), was 2 1/2 days Disregard that, IT'S STILL GOING ON. This basically proves, in a nutshell, that they have nothing else to do but sit at their computers and argue with everyone attempting to give S-nigger some helpful criticism. They feed trolls well. It's also odd to note how even though the trollers get banned eventually, shiftymoof and cruzbones never get banned for their reverse trolling. This just proves that if you are friends with someone popular on DeviantArt, you can do whatever the fuck you want and not get so much as a slap on the wrist.

Those that wish they were in her 'platoon' who still enter her "keroro gunso" chatroom

(plz ad moar)

Friendly "comments" on her New Abandoned Page

The Troll Exhibit About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Snapesnogger Seeking Likeminded BBW

Hey there sailor boi.

Recently, Snapesnogger has turned her hand to the dating arena, placing a profile up on the Australian dating site

Her profile, located here closed her account, includes a profile picture revealing her face as so fat that it could eclipse the sun. But the lulz do not stop there, with profile excerpts such as:

I'm well known on the internet and in real life for being a decent drawer and i teach my own drawing classes in Rockingham weekly for younger people.



—Snogger - internet famous.

I'm a larger sized girl but I'm shapely and (so I've been told) cute! I have Long curly-ish dark brown hair and orangey eyes. Also i have big boobs but yeeeh thats not important right?



—Snogger on being voluptuous.

Unfortunate for her, cashing in on her internet fame will not make her appeal to any of the backward fucks in Rockingham, Perth, Australia. Godspeed, brave blimp.


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