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A wide variety of people can be described with the word Snob. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. A Jew, educated person with discerning tastes who knows he is better than you are and is rude enough not to hide it.
  2. A young girl who thinks she is too sophisticated for the world, and likes to kid herself into thinking she's an adult by avoiding boys and going to Starbucks. "I wouldn't go near him, HAVE YOU SEEN HIS JEANS?!"
  3. Your mom
  4. Anyone who will not have sex with you.
  5. Most JEWS
  6. JEWpert Murdoch
  7. Jon JEWart

Typical Snob Lifestyle & Diet

Snobs have a well-known taste for fancy cheese and wine. They think eating/drinking those things in conjunction with watching C-SPAN makes them not gay, while in reality, they have alienated themselves from all their friends and family, and have nothing better to do than eat fancy cheese and watch C-SPAN all day.

Snobs are not limited to eating cheese; many have also acquired a taste for moar exotic foods, such as:

  • Bear Lymph-nodes
  • Human Placentas
  • And the ever-popular Cajun Iguana Stew :

Want moar Recipes?

Tendency to Sell Out

Snobs, if famous, have a tendency to completely fuck over everything they've ever worked for in order to gain a few more dollars in their bank accounts. Examples of selling out include:

Self-Proclaimed Snobs

  • - "I am a Snob. I look down my nose at people who like American Idol. I think riding the bus is incredibly painful and embarrassing. My underwear has to have a label that includes someone's name, and I don't mean JC Penney. I admit it."
  • Chatiry World - "I am a snob but this seems to be getting better now I no longer work with the public."
  • From The Sir Charles Grandiose Archives - "'Dear Sir Charles,' began the innocent-looking message. 'You are a snob.' Immediately one was taken aback. A snob? Could it have been the recent statement, 'One feels quite strongly that were Dante alive today, the great architect of the afterlife himself would have reserved a special and torturous space in the lowest of the sub-basements of Hell for those who visit Taco Bell'? Perhaps one should have not been quite so vehement. Level B14 should be sufficient for these cretins."
  • The Smartypants Diaries - "Things that I am a snob about: 1. Wine. Instead of focusing on Iraq, we should bomb the fuck out of the people who invented white zinfandel."

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