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The front page of the site that nobody there cares about.

Snooty Sims is a fansite dedicated to the game The Sims. However, many people who visit their doors tend to not even care and head straight for their retarded chat room. During the time of the chat room's existence, it has seen many trolls and racists. Almost like a mini /b/.

Snooty Sims civil war

Snooty Sims is currently in a state of civil war, even though it's just a bunch of chat room fucks coming over to fuck with the forum moderators. They oftentimes defend why they are good mods even though everyone knows they are just covering their asses.

The war tends to die down, but once someone posts screencaps of mods doing God knows what or shit nobody cares about, a shitstorm blows over.

/b/ invasion

Around last Thursday, some fuck posted a screencap of their chat room with him in it as well. Sage posted a thread on /b/ saying that it was the time to raid the chat when they do not expect them.

This, in turn, started a chain reaction and unleashed hell and chaos between the forums and the chat room. /b/ still manages to raid the chat room every now and again, however they always tend to fail pretty quickly as the chat mods are now smart and know shit. However /b/ still raids the chat only to fail afterwards.

The Formation of TLKZJK

During the past few weeks, it has been discovered that some butthurt moderators enjoy watching porn of animals having sex, along with playing The Sims. It was decided that it was time for a new website that included a new Bribble chat room and a forum for all of the retards in Snooty Sims' chat room.

Thinking they were safe from /b/ raids, /b/ invaded the chat room anyway, only to fail as the mods brought down the banhammer. Every time a /b/tard entered, he received an instant ban. The mods and everyone there placed blame pretty quickly as to who brought the raid there, and many of them tend to blame a user by the name of Girl.

/b/ was successful in getting the chat room disabled, however the chat was always accessible though the port number.

The death of TLKZJH came when some Lazy motherfucker decided to stop the payment for the servers and thus killed his own site. His name he refers to himself as, is in fact. Lazy-nigger.

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