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The average Snopes employee- says a lot, doesn't it?
The official drink of! was founded in 1995 by two racist, intolerant right-wing hicks who pretend to be racist, intolerant left-wing hicks. Their entire purpose as a website seems to be to blatantly lie to people, and to try suing anyone who refutes them- while constantly being threatened with lawsuits themselves. All of this was lulzy at first, but now that its common knowledge the site is completely fucking unreliable and inhabited by nothing but fucktards, the joke has gotten stale. At times, Snopes’ chronic incompetence can still be lulzy, but about the only reason to ever go there is for the fake an hero video they claim is real.

Main Site History and Faggotry

Snopes was founded by David Mikkelson, who prior to creating the site was named the worst troll on just about every predecessor the site had. In fact, he was banned from them for:

  • Making shit up, just to mock people who gave his claims serious attention.
  • Being a fucking asshole to members who were his superior in every way.
  • Shitting on site authority.
  • Pulling a Jark.

After meeting his fatass wife Barbara (who’s at least as big a troll as he is), the two of them somehow managed to come up with the conclusion that creating a site of nothing but their faggotry was a good idea. So they shelled out enough money to buy their own domain in 1995, and filled it with outdated, grossly inaccurate crap they plagiarized from other people about urban legends, email hoaxes and computer viruses, which had periodic insertions of a real Fuck you, I'm a dragon!-type attitude problem that reminded many of Maddox.

Snopes was born, and was deemed shit no one cares about until 9/11, when they spooned the people who died by exploiting the event for their own gain even more than Dubya and Rudy Ghouliani combined- they even managed to beat them to the punch by already having shit they made up about it posted on their site before the second tower fell! Fortunately for them, no one was smart enough to check this, so Snopes became a “valuable website” and got to working the people over until they had assimilated enough gullible retards to form a small cult, losers that would believe the Mikkelsons if they told them tomorrow that you can breathe chocolate.

This would be funny, except there is a LOT of evidence that the site staff might just be stupid enough to believe this themselves.


The Snopes articles, in a nutshell:

  • If it's about a person/group/fad they're into, you like it- or you're a fucking idiot.

After it's written, they show absolutely no ability to weather critique, corrections or new developments. It's what they said, how they said it, when they said it- correction in any way, shape or form is banhammer, because they only allow whatever version of events fits their little agenda.

If something comes along that's better for their agenda, then the old one never existed. End of story.

If someone who's smarter or knows a bit more about the material comes along (just to save time, we'll call them "Everyone on the planet who's older than five and not a member of Snopes"), they inevitably pwn the shit out of the article and discredit it's founders. Snopes doesn't like this, but their lawyer does (see "Trolling").

Snopes has hundreds of prime examples of fail in their articles, but some stand out:

  • The whole Duck's Quack thing
  • Their 9/11 stories
  • T.R.O.L.L.
  • Their Annie Jacobsen stories
  • Their Katrina stories
  • Just about any time they try to write about politics
  • "Urban legends" about famous people that people first heard about from Snopes, such as this, this, this and... fuck it- at least half this list. They do actors, too!
  • Anything in here- twice, if they're trying to plead not racist
  • Vitamin See


Snopes interviews go one of two ways, every time:

  • Snopes attempts to intimidate the person who’s interviewing them, and constantly gives backhanded assertions that they think the person who allowed them on the air is a fucking idiot. Everyone who sees/hears it agrees, but not for the reasons the Mikkelsons try to give- more like "How could a competent journalist possibly think that these two dipshits have anything to say?" The Snopes employees who showed up are eventually pwned in ten seconds when the people talking to them have had enough, and no one from the site is allowed back.
  • If the Mikkelsons take it themselves, instead of talking about what the fuck they’re supposed to, they’re constantly changing the subject to shit like their rats, how their marriage is going and other shit no one cares about, then they get told flat to stay on track and prove that they don’t know shit about shit. Good for lulz- and nothing else.

No exceptions; of course, this won’t stop them and the forum from fapping about the attention they got- even after they saw that the stupidity they showed cost them traffic. For some reason, it never fails to piss Snopes off when you point out that most of the people who interviewed them actually apologized for insulting the intelligence of their audience, and that not even YouTube will host the ones that were on television.


The only reason people ever visit this site
The typical intelligence of Snopes when they pwn their own forum
Proof that Snopes' forum drinks the bong water

In order to try looking more popular than they actually are, Snopes gives themselves all kinds of community journals and MySpace groups, most of which have only ten members (nine of which are Snopes regulars). Basically, the only activity on these forums- ever- is people asking why Snopes isn't working after they went an hero, and running in supposed panic that they have to go more than a couple hours without their precious site.

Much lulz break from reading these sites. Try it!


Please do this after visiting Snopes.

Snopes gave people the Zango Virus- seriously. What's more, it actually came out that not only did they know it was giving people Zango, (as well as other computer STDs), but they had deliberately programmed their site to give it to their readers.

Right after people found out, Snopes retorted in their truest form by attempting to press a libel suit against the people who first published these hurtful claims, then they were completely pwned by Ken Smith when he went out publicly and admitted that Snopes was pushing Zango as part of a business deal they had made with him!

To be sure, Snopes was pushing Zango: in exactly the same way that it continues to "push", oh, let's see, umm, QuickBooks, the Oreck Air Purifier, eBay, a call spoofing service (served up helpfully by Google), and an e-tutorial service for kids who aren't doing well in school. In other words, serves ads, and makes money from those ads.


—Ken Smith"

Meanwhile, Snopes was attempting to make a liar out of him by telling people that they had never knowingly put up adware on their site, even though David Mikkelson is supposedly a programmer, and that Snopes includes virus alerts in their site material. They even went as far as to bullshit their readers with their supposed policy on advertising that had been updated the day it first came out that they were caught to conveniently omit that they weren’t even allowing pop-ups, just banner ads.

Not surprisingly, the geniuses who read their site not only bought this, but they forgave them:

I wouldn’t stop using Snopes. It’s a good service. I’ll keep checking the site, but I really doubt you’ll ever see anything like this happen again.


—fucking retard

People who said the above quote should become an hero, preferably by riding the short bus off a cliff.


pwned? Frivolous lawsuits to the rescue! Original hosted here.
oh noes, a crappie webcomic about the cops!
Please don't bother looking
  • Has someone discredited one of your stories?
  • Written a blog saying you treat your readers like shit?
  • Quoted you while doing so?
  • Are you


That’s right- despite that this is perfectly legal and actually protected by the 1st Amendment, if you’re Snopes, you’re well within your rights to attempt to sue whoever wrote it, based on trumped up charges of libel, harassment or copyright infringement. No case is too small- even a mediocre blog with few readers is game, even though it received hardly any readers, and didn’t do shit to hurt you. It’s also apparently a crime to put up a “critique” section about them on their Wikipedia page, but fuck talking about that.

Despite all this, these aspies seem to think it’s perfectly ok to shit on their readers, sticking their emails into a special section called we got mail for mass ridicule, which includes severe harassment- and if a celebrity they covered sent them a legal notice over something they wrote about them, Snopes’ response is to just mock it until they find out it’s real- then the thread is off like a prom dress and the site is lying their fucking asses off that they never did that. And God help you if you’re a Jew or a minority (see below, it’s actually its own section).

Snopes vs. Minorities

Despite their assertion that they’re the most tolerant, enlightened site on the internets, the only thing Snopes is better known for than their insanely low accuracy is their disgusting intolerance to anyone who’s not a white atheist. Anyone who fails to meet these criteria is pressed into giving a flameout so that they can drop the act, under the guise of butt-hurt. These diatribes of sheer, hateful crap can go on in excess of 20 pages, as exampled here. They even archive the pages on separate sites so they can use them as reference for new members who don’t get what they’re talking about when they drag on their Klan meeting about the person for years. Kyoko (see below) is still being attacked more than four years after the fact.

When they came under fire for this, Snopes’ solution was brilliant- to give certain members permission to create sock puppet accounts that are whatever minority they look like they hate at the time. These sock puppets mysteriously quit the site when the people complaining about it finally get bored and leave the basement. They even ignore that these “minority members” are nothing but stereotypes in the first place every time it’s brought up. And, of course, this doesn’t stop the Mikkelsons from posting slanted and excessively unfair entries about celebrities that aren’t white, something they always seem to be in legal trouble for.

Snopes vs. Religion


This is the typical Snopes response to Christian “glurge" stories. We here at ED don’t think we need any more than this.

Snopes vs. Politics has their mouths firmly on Dubya’s cock, but they like to pretend that they’re liberal nut jobs that are so pro-Clinton that they have actually been accused of working for her. During the 2008 campaign, they spent all their time trying to look pro-Hillary by wasting all their time on her; at the same time, they kept their oily blowjob for Bush going with shit articles like “Bush loves the troops- TRUE”. The Hypocrisy is obvious to everyone who’s not a Snopes member, and a prime source of both drama and lulz, if one brings it up.

  • User: How can you claim to be so liberal, when you only seem to be supporting people and policies that are hardcore right?
  • Snopes: SNARL!
  • User: But I’m just asking…
  • Jenn: Kyoko, is that you?! You know, your attempts to bring us down will fail until you can quit tipping your hand!
  • User: But-
  • Fourkitties: We’re not racist, Kyoko- look at how many niggers, chinks and ragheads I let roam here!
  • User: That’s not the poi-


The Passion of the Troll

Despite their reputations as goddamn trolling liars, Snopes has managed to somehow infect other mediums with their faggotry- a list follows:


After their integrity had gotten existing urban legend shows canceled (see or re-see "interviews"), David Mikkelson decided that it was time to get his own show, and spent mullah up the ass making a pilot, but the pilot was laughed out of the room as “half-assed drivel”, especially since the Mythbusters had already established themselves as much more competent than Snopes could ever hope to be. Snopes reacted to the news by trolling the fuck out of Mythbusters fan forums, lying about being candidates for new co-hosts on the show, until they were personally pwned by both Adam and Jamie on a fan forum they go to for show ideas. Much butt hurt ensued, and now the show is a ban hammer topic.

Adam Savage showing Snopes where they rank with him

No matter how long Snopes has been on the internet, they will always be in denial that Mythbusters is and always will be better than them. One would think that they would get along seeing as how Adam Savage is an atheist; thus he has the same views as about 100% of the forum users. Also because Savage is a closet homo, pictured with his asshole in the air, and he is from San Fagcisco.


Snopes has appeared in several pro-atheism piece of shit documentaries, where they stood in front of the camera and told people that the Jesus they compare themselves to was never born- while (you guessed it!) trying to intimidate the camera man. The most famous of these films was The God Who Wasn’t There, which even the hardcore atheists have dubbed an intolerant piece of shit… most reviews for the movie cite the Mikkelson’s interview as one of the most brain dead part of the whole cluster-fuck. See Snopes vs. religion for more.


Radio hosts apparently got fucked in the ass a lot on bad facts from Snopes, because it seems like, every time their name comes up on any radio station, it's followed by almost an hour of the people on the show talking about how the person who mentioned them were goddamn morons for taking that site seriously, instead of just going there to laugh at their integrity. Even national radio icons have talked about how Snopes was making people who believed them stupider, not that they were very smart for going there in the first place.

Other Sites

As said before, Snopes’ entire relationship with other sites consists of the founders (as well as the first members to become staff) being thrown off the domains that came before it for trolling the shit out of them. They’ve also been ban hammered from just about every rip-off site they have for repeatedly harassing and attempting to humiliate them with juvenile stunts. What makes it really lulzy and pathetic is that every last fucking time, their stunt blows up in their face at some point. This is why AFU, Truth or Fiction, Straight Dope, Smoking Gun and Break the Chain all think they’re nothing but an overrated load of shit with a God Complex. Snopes is also quite well-known for trolling the hell out of their Wikipedia article, forcing anything that's not a glowing reflection of them off of there, until all that's left is Auto-fellatio.


Recently, it has come to the attention of certain EDiots that Snopes is currently engaged in the practice of informing people how ignorant they are, based entirely on a typo, grammatical error or minor technicality no one gives a shit about- as well as just flat fucktarded things, like Obama drama and whether or not a man really fucked a sheep- ever. They call this practice "Snopesterism", and apparently, they honestly think it will make the world better if subtle little things like YOUR FUCKING OPINION ceased to count for shit.

Unfortunately for them, just about everyone who heard the term and had the brain cells to figure out the term was yet another vain self-advertising tactic made what it really was more popular:

Snopesterism(n): A form of trolling in which you whine and bitch ceaselessly like an aspie about some stupid, mundane detail, and when it picks a fight you simply retort with that you were trying to 'correct misinformation' and fabricate butt-hurt from the person you just started a fight with over it. Essentially just being a know-it-all fuck who thinks that because this logic worked for Bush, it'll work for you- but not nearly as sophisticated.

The Forums

The forums on Snopes actually give Livejournal a run for its money with much drama, hugs, and general faggotry. If there isn't an article about hating Christians then there will be an article posted by self-proclaimed feminist (Translation: She thumbed through the Feminine Mystique at the library in between scoring crack and sucking black person dick and decided to blame all her problems on men) Ryda Wong which makes fun of Republicans, or will be from one of her feminazi websites. Needless to say, this website needs to have the shit trolled out of it. As if what has been listed wasn't enough, Snopes has a Rantidote section on its forums. If you want to see people who have parent issues, trouble at work, and bashing people who have different views all the while trying to pass themselves off as being open-minded, then you should go here. Much lulz are to be had at the expense of these whiny drama whores, whose problems range from cancer to actually having been committed to a mental institution. Yes you will find the usual "my medication is no longer working" to "my life is in a sad downward trend."

Typical Forum Entries

Famous Trolls

Snopes has about 5,000 members on their forum- 4,900 of them are complete aspie troll wannabe fucktards. We're not even sure the leftover 100 are that decent, and many of them are still retarded. The ones who are intelligent seem to only be members so they can get into the closed-off threads for the lulz when the trolls inevitably pwn themselves. As such, Snopes is broken up into three classes of people:

  • Trolls who have their own page or stub because there's that much on them, or they got one for an unrelated matter.
  • Trolls who deserve mention, but aren't stub-worthy.
  • You.



Not Quite There Yet...

  • =Definitely deserves at least a stub, but no one cares enough to do it.


If one spends enough time on Snopes' forum, they will come across mention of a former user named "Kyoko", which is a treasure trove of lulz. Kyoko was created by several members as a sock puppet they used to make fun of the site, and at the same time prove that Snopes members could be drowning and still not figure out water was wet. From May 2003 to January 2004, Kyoko spelled her own name wrong on every other post, made up fantastic and easily debunked lies, as well as frequently re-inventing her personal history.

Despite such obvious signs of trollage, no one on Snopes was smart enough to realize that there was something wrong with this person. After awhile, one of the people who created her discovered the world outside the basement, got tired of the gag, and got the account banned. Shortly thereafter IP's were banned after creating a "2nd Kyoko" account in the name of more lulz. So much for that whole short-lived 'life' thing, eh? After a lolipr0n fap to celebrate staying on teh internetz, everyone involved actually confessed; even going into detail about how they did it. In response, Snopes crashed their own site three times attempting to retort to the thread in question. They even included incidents where whoever was playing Kyoko that day flat busted themselves! Even then, Snopes lacked the capacities to figure out what was going on. Much butthurt ensued, which included founding a quasi-religion called the Church of the Clueless that features Kyoko as Satan. Any reference to her is usually shown as "she-who-must-not-be-named" on their forum; as if they were living in Harry fucking Potter. Even bringing up her name may sometimes result in an instant banhammer.

Even today, Kyoko is a wonderful source of lulz. If one is so inclined, they may go to the Snopes forum and impersonate her to watch the reactions. Every time someone claims to be "Kyoko", Snopes reacts like your mom when she caught you fapping to goatse. They start mounting defenses to protect their site from this one seemingly invincible enemy. These attacks can range from brilliant unintentional comedy to so pathetic that the person seeking lulz feels cheated. After the impersonator is done laughing at them and finishes his celebratory self-pat on the back, he can send them a link to his blog. There he will state that the drama he gets is the sweet smell of success and the only thing Snopes does that they consider to be worth a damn.

All in all, Kyoko was a pretty simple troll. It succeeded at providing lulz on an epic level, but usually failed when going for individual lulz, since the trollers varied wildly in talent and ability. Former Snopes personality "First of Two" (see first Kyoko link) thinks he totally pwned one of these trolls by fabricating a letter from them and mocking himself into an embarrassing outburst from the personality in his head that was supposed to be them. He himself was later banninated from Snopes for excessively whining about the number of people who ass-raped him when he tried to have a battle of wits, and has sworn revenge by posting about them here, while trying to talk about how much he thinks he pwned the version of Kyoko he made up.

Snopes even included famous Asian womyn in their accusations of who Kyoko was, much to the lulz of the people who admitted to being her. They accused Faye Wong (see gallery's fourth picture), Koda Kumi, Gong Li, and Lucy Liu all of being Kyoko. Apparently, famous Chinese and Korean women have to be her, despite the fact that Kyoko is a JAPANESE name. After they accused Ziyi Zhang (the main ho on Memoirs of a Geisha), the site was banhammered from Chinese servers, which proved the Chinese really are smarter than the Americans once and for all.

Kyoko Gallery

*First of Two

Speaking of First of Two, he was another disturbingly pathetic troll that was on Snopes until he was banned for bitching like a pussy because the forum got sick of his lame attempts at being Maddox and began telling him that, outside of Star Trek trivia, he was easily the longtime Snopes nominee for a Darwin Award. First of Two's version is that he was too independent for them, but the real version is that he simply became too stale for proper lulz. His plan to take over the world, lame attempts to try pwning people where he lost, and his inability to let it go that he was the last to figure out the truth about Kyoko are all evident of this. He was so stupid, in fact, that he once tried to pass off a picture of his apartment as some kind of genius den, but misspelled "high school" on one of the photoshopped diplomas- both words. Much lulz ensued, but they were given in secret because it's well-known that if First of Two ever finds out what a loser he is, he might commit suicide and live out his life-long dream at the same time by shoving his head up goatse man's ass.

First of Two had a fetish with the notion that he would take over the world, which brought in much lulz by people signing up just to exploit his lack of brains. He was on Snopes almost twenty-four hours a day, mostly to cover his Quicktime player when he was caught fapping to Simon Cowell, who provided most of his attempts at insulting people who were clearly his superior. Every time he saw a new video of Cowell insulting someone, he instantly found something he didn't agree with on Snopes, just to repeat that insult as a rebuttal. One time, he posted more than sixty times in the same day, just to repeat Simon Cowell shit talking, and it is suspected that he would let Cowell fuck him in the ass if he met him. After he was banninated, he was given the alias "He who is too fucking stupid to know how to fap". Once again, Harry Potter is good to Snopes on naming their trolls.

First of Two also had an obsession with making people his enemy, but people found his attempts at being an asshole almost as funny as his attempts at being intelligent. He was especially transparent in his hatred of Kyoko, including resorting to putting up pictures of women who burned him on his Kyoko hate pages and telling the forum that it was her. He actually made a running gag out of himself when he decided that retorting to comments that pwned him with "Kyoko, is that you?" and "Whatever you say, Kyoko" were anything but butt-hurt that he had never got to fuck her. Even many of the regulars who supported him told him that his strange Jark-like obsession with her was creepier than anything else; especially since she turned out to be multiple people, and only like ONE of them was a woman.

His obsession with Kyoko got so out of hand that impersonators began coming on, just to see how fast they could get him fapping to a possible return of his "hated" rival".

*Dan Stecz

Dan Stecz's aspiration is to be at least as cool at this guy. Lotsa luck, dumbass!

An epic in cowardice, faggotry and fail among Snopesters, he should really have his own page. But even though he has enough lulz to warrant one, he's not even close enough to interesting enough to waste that much time on, so here's a quick overview:

Dan Stecz is a mediocre pollock hacker from New Jersey who read 1984 one too many times and thinks he's Big Brother. He used to own a now dismantled Snopes Wiki that contained extensive information about the members of the site. This is all well and good, except that a lot of this information was not exactly obtained legally.

That's right, Stecz violated the fuck out of every last member's privacy (including the Mikkelsons) and put up what he found on his Wiki. And to make things more lulz, most of the Snopes forum didn't even care. They completely overlooked that he confessed to cyber stalking them because he was doing the same thing to someone they didn't like, which provided them with lulz, as well as us because no one on Snopes had the gray matter to figure out that he did, and more than likely still does this to everyone!

1. The talk:

  • Malruhn: Was Pretty Penny really Kyoko?
  • Dan: No, I hacked the fuck out of her, you can get her name, location and picture on the Wikitory.

2. Malruhn goes to see the lulz he got on her, completely ignoring that Dan hacked the military base he's at to get lulz on him. Assuming Malruhn's not lying about being active service, because I doubt Dan's skilled enough to hack a base.

3. Other Snopesters laugh at how stupid Malruhn is, while making the same mistake.

4. ????

5. PROFIT!!!!!

Dan also hacks and erases popular pages critical of Snopes because David Mikkelson tells him to. This is something else he bragged about for a long time (and we're not about to assume he quit bragging because he quit doing it), but that's for another day...

ED member Black sonata forgot this guy even existed until he infected her computer with malware as an accent when he threatened her for writing most of this article.

I won't let up until you apologize to Snopes and delete your contributions. -June 15, 2008


This line of defense ALWAYS works.

Black sonata responded by laughing until she nearly peed her pants, removing the infections, and putting up a quick overview of what a chicken shit he is. Enjoy, Dan!


File:Osama and wife.jpg
Jenn Bin Laden and her proud husband.
Also a lover of black pu55y

One of the top mods of is Jenn, a tranny slut from Canada who's proud of running away from home when she was a teenager to fuck a raghead she met on the internet named Micheal. Apparently, she was impressed by his low standards, because she married him. Jenn is rated as the second worst mod of any website out there; beaten only by Deviant Art's Realitysquared. Jenn is butt-ugly, even by Canadian standards, looking like Janet Reno- only with a thicker mustache and acne so severe that it looks like syphilis on her face. This is assuming you can even see her face, because every time she puts up a picture, she has her nose straight up in the air, and people who met her in real life said that putting her face forward would kill her.

Recently, while seeking untapped lulz from Snopes' forum, a group of lulz spelunkers found out that most of considers Jenn the dumbest bitch on the fuckin' planet, not counting First of Two. Apparently, Jenn can't even spell her own name right every time (probably a result of some camel-fucker disease), but because she's a library assistant (aka, the person who puts the books back after you return them), she thinks she knows everything, resorting to the banhammer every last time someone corrects her. This way, she can still be considered intelligent, despite clear evidence to the contrary.

If you go into the chatroom, hosted by, Jenn is in there twenty-three hours a day; and if someone who likes urban legends, but not Snopes comes in and tries to talk about things like urban legends, she throws a giant fapping tantrum about that is her job. Apparently she got canned from the library for being too fucking stupid to put books back right. She will then run a holy war demanding an apology for not liking It's well-believed that she learned this trick from her terrorist husband.

Judah P. Benjamin

Judah P. Benjamin used to be's resident pedophile/faggot, due to his "unique" running gag. Every chance he got, he would put up still frames from gay porno. He even put up a picture of Ron Jeremy's ass for an avatar and tried to pass it off as his own. founder David Mikkelson didn't care until he found out the hard way that he was the one who was going to hit prison for all the pre-teens and 13 year-olds on his site who were seeing it, so he banhammered Judah three times before Judah got mad. Judah told David that he was a fucking faggot and a hypocrite, and the truth hurt the Snopes founder so much that he banhammered him for good.

The moral of this story: When the founder of a site is actually a faggot and a hypocrite that was fapping to gay porn on a site with a lot of 13 year-old members; when you were the one on the cross, then had a problem when he found out he was the one being DAMN NIGGA, you don't call him a faggot or a hypocrite.

*Ryda Wong, EBfCo.


Proud, feminist, white man hater Ryda Wong (moar like Ryda DONG, amirite?) is sure to always be posting in the Rantidote and Soap Box categories on Snopes. Just look for topics with the keywords rape, abortion, white men, or Christians and you will find this cunt. Her views are the typical fair when it comes to liberal, atheist, dykes. Namely, that the white man should be ashamed for being born, Christians are evil, abortions tickle, and the whole world is being held down by the cock of the white devil. It is common knowledge that she has these views because she herself was white trailer trash at one point who rode daddy's pisspole too much as a toddler. She then moved to Colorado and became an independent woman. She also made her home on Snopes where she will constantly spew forth her moronic views; even when the topic wasn't political to begin with.


  • User1: So do you think a car has better gas mileage with the air off?
  • User2: Good question! Well, personally I...
  • User1: Ummm...

Clearly she needs to keep teh nigger cock in her mouth more often. Here's a drinking game you can try. Go to and do a search on all the posts Ryda Wong has made. Read through them and take a shot when you see the words "white man," "dick," "pro-choice," and "women." Take two shots if she is upset about the opinion of another user, makes unfunny comments about female anatomy, or is licked-off (because to say suck off is what White Anglo Saxon Protestants have fooled the world into using all the time11!!1) by the administrator or other lamers. Jew is apropos if you find you are starting to agree with what she is saying.

Gallery of Ryda Fucktardery


Fourkitties has the stunning philosophy that, just because she's from Boston, none of the insanely stupid (not to mention intolerant) shit she spouts about poor people, minorities, foreigners or Christians can be taken as such, because "There's no such thing as intolerance in Boston". She actually said once that racism doesn't exist in Boston, "Because there's no niggers there".

Because of this philosophy, she can apparently say any fucking thing she wants about people who she considers inferior to her (aka people who aren't rich, white Atheists who pretend to be Catholic), and not only get away with what she said, but have people thank her for saying it.

  • User 1: What do you think about the death penalty?
  • User 2: I don't know enough to have an opinion.
  • Fourkitties: I think it should be mandatory for niggers and spics, unless they killed a poor person, because people who make less than $100,000 a year deserve to die!"

I wish I made that up...

When asked by people about some of the stories about people like Kyoko, she actually replied by accusing them of being Kyoko, and said "there's no way you can take us down on racism- we allow in lots of chinks and ragheads!", which led to people taking in so much lulz, they fucking overdosed.


Dwarfoi can be summed up by the following:

If he has any use, other than just contradicting the fuck out of himself trying to disagree with every possible viewpoint, no one has ever seen it. There's an urban myth that he actually dropped the act to agree with everyone that the site was better off with First of Two gone, but don't expect Snopes to debunk it.


If ever there was an attention whore on Snopes, it's druggie bitch, Lizzybean (moar like Lezzybean, amirite?). For a long time, all she could ever do was talk about her drug problems, bragging about how much she drank and telling the forum that she was a crackhead... She also brought up at every possible interval that she supposedly looks like Sissy Spacek, whatever the hell she thinks that would have gotten her.

Until she posted up a pity party that she had went out drinking, snorting and fucking around, then came home and found her husband packing up her kids. She then got upset that the majority of the responses were either making fun of her, or telling her to get her skanky ass in rehab. She threw a fit that she didn't get the response she was looking for until she was shown the door, then she was gone for a long time before she came back with her tail between her legs, crying that she needed Snopes.

She then proceeded to continue attention whoring, and Snopes let her. They even gave her more hugs and kisses than the typical orgy.

Kate Sporks

A supposed tranny that had himself turned into a woman, yet had absolutely no personal convictions about printing hate about homosexuals, women who got plastic surgery and other transvestites.

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