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Coined by Lj-favicon.png weev in October 2006 in #ed IRC, the snugglenet is a term for the Internet that highlights its usefulness for transmitting digital representations of kittens.


<@weev> ajt: why the fuck would you want to pay for some stupid fucking framework
<@weev> i thought people were paying for 0day
<@weev> isnt core like 70k?
<@weev> or something ludicrious?
<@ajt> because it is really the only way to fly when people are paying for it
<@ajt> it logs and the payload it sends are beyond repraoch
<@ajt> its ability to pivot is awesome
<@ajt> and all of the exploits are tested pretty well.
<@ajt> consider that core costs 25K
<@weev> oh
<@weev> thats not so bad
<@weev> ioerror said it cost 70k
<@ajt> and after one or maybe two test, it is paid for
<@ajt> no
<@ajt> and 25 is for an unrestricted license
<@weev> that guy is a stupid fucking blogger wannabe tho
<@ajt> which guy?
<@weev> jacob applebaum
<@ajt> yes he is a stupid faggot 4 sure
<@ajt> but if you are doing pentests for banks and utilities and shit they do not want to be burned by 0day anyways
<@ajt> 9 times out of 10 they find it too unrealistic
<@ajt> "WHO AHS 0DAY>!!>>! NO ONE THAT IS WHO"
<@weev> loool
<@weev> of course, noone audits software
< vxp> :D
<@ajt> no
<@ajt> weev, how are you going to get the source code?
<@ajt> you are talking crazy
<@ajt> this isnt a movie, weev
<@weev> this directory full of proprietary sources in my homedir does not exist
<@ajt> this is the real world
<@ajt> there arent people running around the internet breaking into machines using exploits that are unknown
<@weev> of course not
<@weev> the internet is a very friendly place
<@weev> in fact i think we should rename it the snugglenet to emphasize its friendliness and safety
-%- ajt changed the topic of #ed to: Welcome to ED. The best site on the snugglenet!
< vxp> haha
<@ajt> yes yes
<@ajt> I agree

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