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Sometimes known as Awkward Situation Penguin. A relatively new spin-off of the Advice Dog meme. Socially Awkward Penguin can occasionally be lulz-y, but most of the time either somewhat funny or unfunny. Its popularity is slowly rising, and he has surpassed Depression Dog and Insanity Wolf.

The secret of this penguin's popularity would probably be Anon's pleasure of sharing awkward experiences, which are evidently manifold. Since every /b/tard is socially awkward, SAP threads usually get flooded by replies consisting of "so true, i get that all the time" posts. But as all good things, Socially Awkward Penguin is slowly fading out nowadays, because some Memegenerator locals went too far with it, so it became a cancerous hybrid of awkwardness, Depression Dog and failure. At the time of writing there doesn't seem to be a FAIL + ANIMAL (Ferret maybe?) meme yet - but there's no doubt that you have the credentials to invent one.


In response to the commercial success the penguin achieved, Memegenerator was flooded with awful variations, even though 99% of them had only 1 image and never actually caught on to 4chan. Probably the only successful one was Socially Awesome Penguin (oh the irony!), which was basically the same thing only coloured in red and described situations opposite to those of socially awkward ones. But since there aren't any socially adept people on the known web - and certainly not 4chan, it is rare that someone ever contributes to this awful spin-off-of-a-spin-off. Other than that, there is Socially Average Penguin, which is just too much and simply boring.

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