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A Sock Person

A Sock Person is like a Sock Puppet, but in reverse. Instead of one person having a number of on-line fursonas (Sock Puppets), several people share the one on-line name (a Sock Person). Then most classic example of a Sock Person is Anonymous, a username used by millions of on-line activists. (OK, maybe not millions of on-line activists but least 23 on-line activists.) The nearest IRL equivalent to a Sock Person is a title, like 'The Pope' or a newspaper column written by a named imaginary person like 'Adam Baldwin'.

The People Behind The Socks

Most of the people who decide to use Sock usernames are doing it for the lulz. Take Anonymous for example. These hackers on steroids who never forgive or forget are a growing cult of madness. However, others use Sock Accounts merely for an indication of a group, or to honor a famous(?) figure, whether it be on the net or IRL. Unless any of the people who are using the two above reasons to use Sock People have relation to Fat Larry's Band, feel free to troll them with a burning passion.

Famous Sock Persona

How to spot a Sock Person

  • Is their birthday different on different sites?
  • Did they register at the discussion forum in 2000 but seem uncertain about forum history?
  • Does their grasp of English vary from one extreme to the other - i.e. from Engrish to Spanglish?
  • Do they seem uncertain of their gender? (This Sock Person test isn't foolproof.)
  • Are they permanently on holiday in Mexico when requests for RL interviews come in?

Advantages of the Sock People

  • It freaks out butthurt website owners and discussion-forum admins, especially when they are looking for "real details" to post on their Live Journal in "revenge" for being trolled.
  • Sharing a username is like Communism and therefore will hasten the inevitable fall of Capitalism.
  • It saves on making up Internet 'word blocks' when the net is attempting to compute your existence, prior to your identity being printed on the bits of paper that everybody can see behind the glass of their computer screens.
  • Sharing a username entitles you to have sex with anybody else who shares that name.
  • Upon death, suicide, an heroism, or any other craaaazy life-ending scenario, your username still lives on.
  • When you get banned someone else cares.
  • Socks for legal purposes are registered as "inanimate".

Boring genuine "shared pseudonyms" (= boring real phrase for Sock Person)

Sock Shop

Sock Shop Limited is a leading British-based specialist retailer of socks and hosiery, founded in 1983 by Sophie Mirman (b.1956). Mirman said "People should be able to buy socks and stockings as easily as they buy newspapers".

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