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The realization that there is no brain beyond the brain; everyone besides you is a complete idiot and fails at life and everything. There was no world before last Thursday, when you were born. There is no God, and there are certainly no girls who will ever get with you. You are all alone in the universe, and should probably consider a timely demise (namely suicide)

An internet/blog related psychodisease that precludes thought about anyone but oneself.

Most commonly found in tech females and strippers where constant male admiration causes an inflated sense of worth.


Hep.jpg Hepkitten

<hep> zb
<hep> make the joke better
<hep> or you weev
<hep> also someone rewrite my article :(
<hep> i hate it
<hep> it could be so much more lol
> hep: lol, the joke is krad
> i don't know who else to put there besides sherrod :D
<hep> no i mean
> lol what?
<hep> make it more obvious who you are referring to
> oh you?
<hep> like some dumb wquote or something
> ok ror
<hep> otherwise it just looks like a stock phone
<hep> like
<hep> i am totally not into self promotion.
> lolwhat?
<hep> there you go
> solipsism isn't self promotion
<hep> i know
<hep> but i mean
<hep> something like that
> i'm just going to use this chat

Also seen in males such as Zb and even in entire groups such as Bantown.

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