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This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
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SonicProject (Powerword: Joshua Jaimes Werner. b. September 13th 1986) is a 32-year old americunt furfag who's life is nothing but epic fails and being milked and treated like utter dog shit. Did we mention that he's been banned and kicked out of communities for trolling?


Born to some nazi in Missouri USA, SonicProject lacked any sort of social skills due to being milked for epic lulz, so when he was in high school he dropped out. This was his second epic fail (the first was being born, obviously) and many more were to come. He also had no friends because

SonicProject spent some years leaching off his parent's welfare and working in nothing but retail due to an inability to go back to school. In 2002, SonicProject got a hand me down computer that's been damaged and discovered the internet, he discovered a site called Mario Fan Games Galaxy and decided to go be an annoying presence there. One thing that can be said about SonicProject is that he certainly keeps to his beliefs... having been in countless arguments with various members over nothing special, but because SonicProject raged in all caps and acted like a huge annoying nigger all day long, he was described as a person who exists only to trigger flame wars.


In 2006, SonicProject tried to get his life back together, how'd he do it? By reaching 50,000 posts on the Mario Faggot Gallery Games forums, he requested an IP ban to try and get his life back together. About half a year later, he then retracted his statement and went back on the forums because he wanted to have friends. He was also banned from the place for faggotry and went batshit insane for that!

People also discovered his MFag wiki page and proceeded to call it bias, his response? Go batshit insane and tell people that they should learn how to read when they actually went to college and you didn't.

He also used to be a mod, but he resigned because people thought he wasn't good. He also developed some shovelware, but his creativity isn't great so he had trouble coming up with shit nobody cares about.

Entrance to furfaggotry

In 2009, SonicProject announced that he was now officially a faggot and wanted to lose his virginity (He's 23 at this point and still hasn't gotten laid yet? Gay.) He also made a FurAffinity account because he also became a degenerate. He found another furfag on the website and he positioned to be that guy's sex slave. However, the overzealous man tied him up and locked him in a room, he shouldn't have escaped and gone back home because he doesn't deserve to live. He's also ironically still friends with him.

Later, when he revealed this info to the public on MFGG. They wrote it about him on MFGG underground (MFGG's answer to ED). He then proceeded to deny all of this information instead of accepting the fact that he doxxed himself.

In 2010, SP somehow got himself a boyfriend and is still with him.


SonicProject was promoted to moderator again in 2017, however people were able to exploit how he locked spam threads and used that shit to troll the hell out of him. He resigned due to the trolling.

In March of 2019, he managed to troll the hell out of one of his trolls, this was to gain positive attention for himself. The troll later used more methods (even putting him on the furry PA thread on Kiwi Farms) to make him a large lolcow. It was quiet in his life for a while.

But in the summer of that year, the fags of Minus World found out that he was a troll and chased him the fuck away. He can't return ever again now.

Powers and abilities

  • Takes everything people say seriously
  • Denies everything he's ever done
  • Blames everything on other people
  • Willingly reveals information about himself
  • Trolls those that say criticism about him.
  • Pro liberal


Furfag - Many of these people act no different from him.

Troll - What he is

Lolcow - His prime feature

Asperger's Syndrome - He could possibly have this

External links to his crap (WARNING!!!! CONTAINS FURRY ART) - His exceptionality revealed.

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